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  1. Hey guys, I have been watching some youtube videos/checked out there website and these trippy stix look like the sickest thing ever... same concept as an electronic cig but with hash oil cartridges inside..... now on the site you can get the pen shipped anywhere but i live on the east cost. Where can i find the cartridges? or is there another alternative? Can i make the hash oil or is it a too complicated to do?
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    Go for a Mflb or thermovape or persei 8 omicron for flowers
    Hash oil takes alot of material to make
    Cartridges can be bought online
    If you want to smoke hash oil, consider buying some extraction tubes = $$

    I got an oil rig with a Ti skillet and it works great for oils no waste and great taste.


    Got this for $100. Just for hash oil
  3. And what do I fill the devices with? Hash oil/wax? Or do I have to just make it from buds. I want to do it right.
  4. Wax. Honeycomb or shatter. I would not suggest runny hash oil. You need to get it from dispensaries if you have access if not then you gota make wax. Wax cost alot to make. You gota buy extraction tubes and butane. Then u gota get like half oz of trim to make 2 grams of wax.
  5. I suggest you buy a hand held bud vaporize like the Arizer solo or thermovape. But if you really want a wax/oil vape like the trippy stick its up to you. But if you don't live in a medical state, its gona cost an arm and a leg to buy extraction materials.

  6. It ain't neccisarily so... There are very simple QWISO methods that require no special tools for great shatter, etc. Simple search of this site and you will see.

    Do you have Pyrex?
    Unbleached coffee filters?
    99% iso can be found at your local drugstore for under 5 bucks.
    Maybe a little parchment.

    I haven't made BHO yet. It clearly requires that you have some equipment to get a proper purge ie. vacuum etc. Don't confuse BHO with QWISO which requires almost no special equipment to make wonderful dabbage.

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