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  1. I need to get the hash oil for the trippy stick can some one help me pleAse ASAP
  2. no. I cannot help you.
  3. Well your pretty much up shits creek without a paddle. They havent produced more cartridges for them trippy sticks in nearly 3 weeks, I got 2 from the last "good" batch made. Now trippy users are switching to the Gentlemens stick cartridges or the Omicron and filling it themselves. Info for you.
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    edit: I didnt know wtf that shit was.. uhh go to a dispensary maybe?
  5. I saw the video of Berner showing the trippy stick to Wiz and I saw this problem coming a mile away. It's a cool little smoking tool but if you don't have the cartridges you're screwed. Unless you could make your own somehow.
  6. That is why the omicron vaporizer has the cartridges you can fill Delta9 Vapes The Future of Vaporizers

    And search YouTube for omicron vaporizer and you'll see trippy stick is bullshit.

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