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  1. So I was looking at some videos around the internet like I do from time to time, and came across this video.

    [ame=http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh1D3Pr0Uv1gA49qms]Video: Hella Trees: Wiz Khalifa & Berner "Smokers Blog" (Behind The Scenes Rolling Papers Tour)[/ame]

    In this video, the larger white guy 'Berner' has a 'Trippy Stick', and it's supposedly like an e-cig, but instead of nicotine it has hash oil and has no smell to it. My question is has anyone ever heard or seen something like this for sale?
  2. ^ Cool story bro. Wanna answer my question?
  3. This is Glycering based, so is the vape pen, the only ones I know that are pure hash oil are the Omicron Vaporizers made by Thc Scientific, I was searching for this also when I saw that vid and decided to look around. Im gonna get the Omicron and try it out.
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  5. Few questions about this shit right here...

    1. Do you have to Hash, you can't just put some broken down bud up in there?

    2. Yall saying that the e-cig is the same shit, my homie tells me that e-cigs are useless because you can only get like 5 hits. Is this right?

    Because basically I'm trying to get something that doesn't create too much of a smell and can be used discretely.

  6. http://forum.grasscity.com/toking-tools/855984-=======trippy-stick======.html

    How about you search a bit before bumping an old thread.
  7. im getting this shit this weekend suckas!
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    Thanks for bumping a useless thread.
  9. Dude worldstar.com had a video last week of a girl smoking a trippy stick out of her va-jay-jay. It's a must see LOL

  10. your definition of "must see" and mine must be worlds apart
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    Well it's pretty hilarious in my opinion..sorry for my immatureness ? :confused:

  12. oh that's not what I was implying. just what's a "must see" for one person may not be for another.

    sorry if I offended. :wave:
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    Well that's your opinion, I have mine. :bongin:

    :edit not offended at all man.
  14. That was a great vid... :cool:
  15. i love it when people that dont know much about smoking, pretend or try to educate everyone else, douche bags in the video LOL
  16. And I myself can't wait for Stoner Girls Gone Wild...bud butts n boobs haha
  17. no WAYYYYYY dudes. dont even waste your money for a second. for HALF the price, you can get that exact pen + a smaller on the go from Gentleman's delivered for free and no tax. i just got mine. still using ivapor carts, and this new ivapor style pen in the kit is fucking better than my ivapor.

    check it dudes:


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