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  1. Where can i find a trippy stick
  2. not a board....im tlking about this new smoking device thats on this video [ame=http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh1D3Pr0Uv1gA49qms]Video: Hella Trees: Wiz Khalifa & Berner "Smokers Blog" (Behind The Scenes Rolling Papers Tour)[/ame]
  3. Please don't double post here, we can all see your other trippy stick thread from 20 minutes ago....
  4. answer the question
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    Don't double post
  6. where could i get hash oil cartridges if possible

  7. lol post is lol
  8. Check the closest police station

  9. I think all you have to do is have hash oil and full one of those cartridges with the hash oil.
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    Hahaha, aren't you just the cutest cunt.

  11. your a cute cunt i just want a blunt

  12. I thought you wanted a trippy stick. What happened?
  13. seen these on dispensary menus in LA
  14. So just because Wiz Khalifa smokes out of one everyone wants ONE.

    Fuck this world is going bonkerz...

    Soon he'll be smoking out of something else and no one will care about this "trippy stick"

  15. i dont smoke bongs papers or vapes i just want it because its portable and conceals smell

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