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  1. if you have heard of the TRIPPY STICK let me kno where i kind find one....its a scentless hash oil smoking device ....let me kno where to find it
  2. just saw this on the wiz khalifa blog i need more info aswell
  3. It's an ecig filled with hash oil, you don't need a special kind.
  4. do you kno who sells liquid thc online

  5. lol ^
  6. Nobody it's illegal lol. You have to make it yourself. There are some guides on here to show you how to do it. Try searching "hash oil e cig" or something like that
  7. this sounds pretty kewl
    but also sounds like to much work for me
    if do it can u please post a vid? :smoke:
  8. True and false. You COULD use an ecig with hash oil, but theres one called the ivapor trippy stick which is the one that berner is showing in the video with wiz khalifa. They sell them mainly in dispensaries in norcal and socal. the unit itself costs 100-120, and each cartridge is $35. You get a really good deal if you buy 5 cartridges at once. And they come in OG kush hash oil, and Girl Scout cookies hash oil. Some people have reported seeing Sour Diesel as well, but i'm not sure if thats true.

  9. if your in the bay area head to Berkeley Patients Collective. They're the cheapest locally, the unit is $100 (might be more now, not 100% sure), refills are $35 each and they've had Girls Scout Cookies, OG Kush, Sour D, Headband, and Black Berry Kush.

    Its a cool little tool, but after a while it starts to lose its... wow affect if you try it just by itself. If you smoke a bowl and then a couple drags off it you'll be gone.
  10. I watched the Wiz video and they got 400 hits out of one cartridge!
  11. Seconding Berkeley Patient's Care Collective.
  12. dont wast your money on the cartridges, its glycerin based just buy empty ecig cartridges put in tincture its the same thing.

  13. You can't get near 400 hits out of the iVapor. It gets maybe 100 hits max. If you push it to it's limits, the coils on the inside will start burning through the tube wall and cotton, not very good lol. I stop as soon as it starts tasting more dilluted to avoid inhaling that stuff.

    You might be mixing it up with the Omicron, that's a pure hash oil portable vaporizer and it can get 400+ hits.
  14. Sounds cool but needs to be perfected.

  15. Ya the Omicron with the new carts are the only ones without cotton inside so you can rip it all you want. Max I think is 7 seconds and you have to wait 3 seconds after that.

  16. i have one of these.. its the shittttttt
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    I saw that video there was some dude wearing a satanic shirt

    Fuckin illuminati messing with my smokin vids


  18. Actually, there are a few websites that sell vaporizer pens.
    Free Shipping! Trippy Stick Vape Pen

    I bought mine from them. They actually come in packs of two..
    Oil vaporizer. Right now some items are out of stock but I heard they will have some new product very soon.

    I'm actually buying another pack as a gift for my friends birthday.

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