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  1. I am trying to find one of these in Michigan. I really know very little about it and really just want some information. Can someone please inform me? I'm really interested in purchasing one.

  2. fuck i want one... but its probly mostly for medical states because you probly gotta buy cartriges or something??.. idk tho.. looks awesome though.
  3. yah I am interested in this as well, first saw it in a wiz khalifa video, I think they're mostly in cali.
  4. yeah if you got your mmj card alot of the dispensaries started carrying em about a year ago, or at least the one i frequent.
  5. yeah, i believe they're only in med states and i think you need a mmj card to purchase one. and they also do use oil cartridges that carry like 100 or so hits i think. i know it's a good amount. and you just recycle the old cartridges. now that i say that i bet the dispenseries would recycle them, no?

  6. I'm hearing from more and more patients that even the higher temp 'TrippySticks' work
    best with tincture rather than pure concentrates/bho (it's one of the few/only models
    'made' for using with pure concentrates), but you can utilize any of the quality lower-temp
    e-cigs on the market, traditionally made for e-liquid either with or without nicotine, with
    glycerin hash tincture,
    which is very easy to make!

    From a past thread....

    (**Disclaimer: Feel free to skip the below 'wall of text', and go directly to the linked
    tutorials if you'd rather just know the 'how', rather than the 'why'.

    Some people are interested in why things work a certain way, and what's safe, and some
    would rather just know what to do... this should satisfy both! )

    I've been doing this off and on since before e-cigs were widely available to the general public, for even nicotine purposes. :hello:


    E-Cigs: A Photo Tutorial using Hash Tincture

    You need to start with a filtered concentrate... at least dry sift hash. [​IMG] The tincture needs
    to be activated and bioavailable, or in other words functional orally, and you just need to
    dose according to your personal tolerance.

    You need to have realistic expectations when it comes to the tincture you're working with..
    if it's not concentrated enough and you need to resort to using it orally, or sublingually,
    then so be it, it's not all bad! [​IMG]

    If we have folks, putting just a gram or two of flowers/herb, into a fluid oz of glycerin,
    and expecting a single ml (or half a ml!) to do the trick in an e-cig over the course of ten
    to fifteen minutes of vaping, then their usual smoking-dose would have to be around 0.03
    of a gram.... less than half, of a tenth, of a gram.

    That's one tiny little bowl pack! A common 'industry standard' dose for edibles is roughly
    0.35g, per edible... that's over eleven (11) times more, than using one gram (flowers) per
    fluid oz is going to allow you to jam into a reasonably-sized cart. This is why starting with
    a concentrate or hash is the easiest and most realistic way to go.

    In the end, one way or the other, it's still going to take roughly the same amount of
    material you'd normally smoke, to achieve the desired effect. This is very easily
    accomplished with hash, but it's less easily done with herb, if you're aiming for a single
    ml-sized dose or smaller.


    You can use a high proof grain alcohol (such as everclear) and extract the glandular
    material, then gently evaporate off the alcohol, turning it into a concentrate, or go to your
    clinic and buy the highest grade concentrate they offer. When using alcohol to make a
    concentrate for cooking, it's a good idea to decarb the plant matter first, then extract.

    Using a measuring pipette (I'll show one below), first determine or at least estimate how
    much tincture can fit in your cartridges, using lightly flavored glycerin if you'd like to try
    vaping right away... it won't medicate you, but it's a bit fun (especially when you're using it
    for the first time) and surprisingly tasty!

    Then, use the correct ratio of concentrate to glycerin, to fit your personal dose, in that
    much tincture. I can vape an average cart in 7 - 15 minutes depending what I'm doing at
    the time, but using multiple carts per dose will require an even more leisurely approach.

    You'll want to calculate how much of the concentrate you need per dose, by trying a dab or
    bowl before you make your tincture (smoke.vape it), then process it as usual using a
    glycerin tincture recipe.

    Using pure concentrate or hash alone in your e-cig without first processing it into a
    tincture, is not recommended; it won't vape as evenly or as easily, and you'll wear out
    your atomizers and equipment much, much faster. Most properly functioning atomizers
    also do not get hot enough to vape CBD, and other higher-temp cannabinoids.

    This is why the glycerin, and that your tincture is already a fully active and bioavailable
    , is crucial;

    Glycerin is a powerful vapor 'vehicle', and it becomes a vapor at much lower temps than
    the majority of our cannabinoids. Once you've made a proper solution with your glandular
    material, the glycerin vapor contains and carries elements which otherwise would not
    become vapor, at such temperatures.

    This also allows these small, hand-held devices, with cartridges and housing components
    comprised of plastics, to be used more safely and at 'healthy' temperatures...

    If you smell or taste plastic: you are using a defective model, or you are 'igniting' the
    atomizer for too long... no more than five seconds should do!


    When working with a concentrate or any lesser form of hash, it's still the same glandular
    material, and as such it requires the same processing, however, you will need to manually
    concentrates a bit more, in order to 'loosen' them up, and expose as much
    surface space as possible to the glycerin. It's very easy. [​IMG] If working with a small
    amount, you just need a small ceramic or pyrex dish, and your home oven...

    The tutorial:

    Photo Tutorial: Med Grade Glycerin Tincture

    You can use a crock pot for large amounts, but ideally, whether the amount is large or
    , the oven is the way to go (the above link helps explain why, and how to use each
    method as best as possible).... when working with a concentrate, you will need to
    frequently stop the process and manually agitate the material.

    That is the only difference. (**Unfiltered dry-sifts will usually need straining to remove
    empty/impotent but undissolved trichome cuticles, stalks, plant hairs etc).

    A concentrate still requires nearly the same amount of time and patience, in order to
    become a solution, so it may be as bioavailable as possible.

    It's not finished the moment the glandular material disperses, or appears to be dispersed
    to the naked eye.

    It still needs several hours of gentle heat, and ideally, a week or two of sitting time for
    the very best results.


    Concentrates and hash are ideal for making glycerin tincture, that you intend on using in
    an e-cigarette personal vaporizer.. these tinctures come out much more concentrated, and
    a bit 'cleaner', than tinctures made with flowers.


    E-Cigs: A Photo Tutorial using Hash Tincture


    (And a pipette, as promised... I buy them by the thousand, use them only once each,
    sterilize them, and then give them to patients who need them but can't find/afford them.
    Seems better than just tossing them out [​IMG] )



    Remember... propylene glycol is very often an animal-byproduct and industrial waste!
    Much more often than pure glycerin, which can also be animal derived and a byproduct of
    industrial waste... be sure you read your bottles well, look for vegetable, FOOD GRADE
    , and NOT just 'USP' grade, which is often stored in containers only suited for topical
    applications by the time it reaches the consumer.. this is why so many USP grade glycerins
    state 'for topical use ONLY', that's how the grading system works.

    If you want to eat it, or put it inside your body, you want food grade... food grade glycerin
    IS the same as USP, except that it's been stored in containers that will not leach toxins
    that are considered 'acceptable by the FDA' for only topical use (and they still may cause
    harm and irritation, topically).
    Even oral toxicity and its consequences are much lower than the consequences of
    , so it's especially crucial you're using quality ingredients if you plan on vaping
    your end product.

    Have fun, and good luck. [​IMG]

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