Trippy Shit - Xbox Releases Hand-free controller

Discussion in 'General' started by Chronik-Judge, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. ....What?

  2. You didn't watch the video..
  3. Reptillians man, they want to steal our sperm through their house cameras.
  4. hahahaaha i bet you could do so much perverted shit with it. like if you and your girl r playin an adventure game... and suddenly u guys just decide to fuck... your characters will too! fuckin hilarious

    but dude, if it really is like the video demonstration... that's ridiculous. the future is here. they always say that, but now... seriously. we need a new vision for the future, cuz the old vision is coming true.
  5. Looks pretty neat, although it's always different when it comes down to actual game-play. The Wii was somewhat similar and definately achieved what it was trying to accomplish, but there were some technical issues that made it kind of obsolete, at least in my mind. Great concept, but it's not perfected (yet). I hope I am proved wrong by this one.
  6. I want virtual reality not virtual controls. :confused:
  7. Hahahahahaha.

    Whoa I played something like this but MUCH lower quality a few years ago.

    It was games for a computer web-cam and a virtual ball would bounce on objects on the screen and you could hit it around.

    I should have expected a major videogame corporation to advance it this far.
  8. Great, another undoubtedly wonky control system which requires me to flail my arms like a maniac. What happened to getting home after a hard day of doing whatever, smoking a couple of bowls, and sitting down to play some video games, without having to move anything other than your fingers?

    Don't like. And entirely by the way -

  9. This isn't the first of it's kind, didn't Sony have something like this for the PS2?
  10. i will defiantly buy that if it is under 100 dollars. but if not, i will just wait for my friend to buy it. It looks pretty fun, especially with skate 2.
  11. It's gimmicky.

    Take me back to the days of NES.
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    i agree, i doubt it will be as great as the video makes it look. the fighting one with the guy that talks to the kid is pretty fucking cool imo. i hope it shits on the wii...i can't stand that console and its horrible game selection. the wii is made for like 8 year olds. :smoking:

    edit: yeah virtual reality would be awesome, give us one of the those helmets and a controller and im good to go.
  13. I cant believe someone is actually comparing the eye toy to this. Just look at the specs on the xbox version. Its a 100% improvement in all aspects.
  14. Well the reason there is that comparison with the Wii is because it was the most recent popular console to use this concept. Not that it's necessarily equal.
  15. it could be pretty cool if it works, but it would probably get old fast. It wont be as great as it looks and im sure it will have multiple bugs/flaws
  16. Not true. The wii uses pretty much the same thing with its sensor bar and I have never had any problems with it. Plus this xbox version will have much better games than the wii. I see this as a good thing. There is a lot of people that this could be beneficial to. Some people need to get off their fat lazy asses and get some exercise.
  17. man that shit looks exhausting....

  18.! who wants a signature...
  19. maybe there will be an air guitar hero??

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