Trippy shit to stare at while baked?

Discussion in 'General' started by I Toke Alone, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Would like to stare at some trippy images while listening to led Zeppelin. This image is supposed to gauge how high you are r some shit I guess the colors are supposed to move and shit.

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  2. Boobs ....
  3. cool wood grain
  4. Does that image do anything for anyone if you're high?
  5. Whenever I change the my eye focus the image looks like a sub woofer kind of. Just vibrates and wiggles. I'm pretty sure that's an optical illusion though.
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    The trippiest thing on youtube (watch in Full Screen + HD)
  7. Ok I'm going to watch that right now. If I don't return I had a stroke.
  8. Holy shit! That was the craziest shit I can barely type right now my vision is all fucked up lol! I had to rewind the video like 3x to understand what that bitch was saying. All I heard was "read the letters, don't make any mistakes" I'm like fuck that's impossible cuz im so high and I started saying the letters out loud. Sounded like I was slightly retarded and truing to say the alphabet.
    It works even if you don't say the alphabet ;) 
  10. I did it again. I wish it lasted more than a couple seconds though.
  11. Yeah it worked well 2 or 3 seconds after, and things are still moving as I type this. 

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