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Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. Hey blades,

    This spring break my and a couple of my friends are on a mission.... to find a really awsome place to trip out that is in Wisconsin (where we live).

    I live basically right smack dap in the middle of WI, so getting anywhere wouldn't be hard. The hard part is trying to find a cool place to go!

    So far our only option is Timms Hill, the highest point in WI, but that really doesn't seem to cool to me. Plus, I think it still might be cold and tripping+cold = bad time.

    So any of you blades that live in WI, or have visted, can you tell me where you would like to trip out? And the dells waterparks won't really work cause all the water parks are still closed.

    THANKS! :D
  2. how cold is it in WI right now anyway?
  3. Colder than it should be.

    It snowed about two inches yesterday and today there's some light snow as well.
  4. im from wisconsin, i hear there is some "bong recreation center" bong is some guys last name. people get high there for fun. Not much trippy shit here, just roadie around and shit i dont know. Im from the milwaukee area by the way
  5. I hear they have this really cool place called 'the middle of nowhere'. Sounds like a good place to trip. Hehe, jk. Maybe they'll be a really cool farm you run into. Or some boondocks to chill in. Or 'cow country,' I hear thats loads of fun. Damn, I'm a jerk. I'm sure you'll find a really cool place to trip, but not with any help from my sorry ass.

  6. yea u should find this place!

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  7. Hey.. i didnt know there was anyone from wisconsin here.. i live in Neenah Wisconsin.. haha
  8. ^ well, we have to life somewhere don't we?? :D

    damn.... what a boring state!

    If its too cold for Timms Hill (which I think it will be) then I think were just gonna go to the Dells and visit some of them mystery houses or whatever they are.

    The ones were balls will roll up a ramp and things will hang sideways because of the metal in the hills next to it... that would probably trip me out pretty bad :hippie:
  9. shibby......... i know TONS.... pm me or A.I.M. me any time.. ill share a few wit ya..... OH and the left bell tower at Holy Hill is insane.... u can see the curve of the Earth and everything... good luck getting up there on your own tho :D
  10. Well there are tons. I mean theres nature everywhere and nature is one of the coolest things while tripping. Well for me and the other people I know personaly that trip. But as long as your not tripping alone its gonna be good times. You gotta have someone to talk to about whatever is trippin you out atm. Oh and I live in Wisco too. Cedarburg. Good times, good times.
  11. Haha, I'm on spring break, and I'm from Wisconsin (right in the middle as well). My roommate and I are going to go play on the playground at our old elementary school, and take an adventure in the town that we used to live in (until I moved away). We always like just driving around and getting lost, entertains us most of the time. Madison is a fun city to explore, traffic isn't that bad (compared to Chicago and other larger cities), and has some really neat areas - if you want some sort of quest, you should try to find the flame in Madison (it's just this burning flame that, as far as we can tell, has no purpose). Or you could go to Spread Eagle, WI - just to say you've been there ;).
  12. im also in the fox valley area.

    and wisconsin is chuck full of places to go. u couldnt get bored.
  13. whats up fellow chessehead! My favorite place is near my house at Lafollete park. Its on lake Kengonsa (sp?) near Stoughton, if you know where that is. Me and my cousin went swiming there last summer. We walked around the shore and found two chairs, so we decide to set them in the water and we lit up right there. It was like we were in the middle of the lake! good times.

    peace out,

  14. wtf u talken bout man all i remember is that stupid "bong tree"
  15. I think all of us Wisconsin stoners should get together some time to share stories, weed, pipes and pieces. I know of some killer areas to go when you're stoned.

    Cave of the Mounds
    Camp Wayalusing
    Castle Rock
    will list more later...

    I live just North of Platteville in Livingston if anyone's interested (smoking or whatever is fine by me)

  16. yea, we never even ended doing that because it just got all f*cked up... but we found some places that would have been cool... holy hill was one of them.

    ... and it's warmer then it used to be too, 60's finally! :D
  17. right outside of watersmeet mich theres the paulding light been featured on unsolved mysteries

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