Trippy Movies?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Smoking Buddah, May 12, 2004.

  1. Other than "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and "Alice in Wonderland" what are some other trippy movies?
  2. The Gate to the Mind's Eye is a trippy computer animated odyssey. If you go to chapter title 'Quantum Mechanic' it has a great strobe light effect.

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    Fantasia (the original)
    Pink Floyd's The Wall movie
    Office Space
    Half Baked
  3. thanks, i have fantasia... never thought it was that trippy... i'll give it another try!

  4. definitely the trippiest least 2nd after the Beatles's Submarine
  5. definitely get REQUIM FOR A DREAM!!!!!! its a movie for drugies, about drugies, to smoke drugs by
    a completely must seee
  6. Requiem for a Dream was a total buzzkill downer. That movie is not trippy, its sad and phucked up.
  7. -Baraka (A must see, for those who have seen it the chicken scene is crazy)
    -Donie Darko

  8. Donnie Darko is the shit, man.
  9. i have seen donnie darko so many times its ridiculous.

    gotta love the smurf dialogue though.

  10. Yeah, its a trippy movie, not necessairly a good trippy. good story and all but shit is fucked up crazy



    by far the trippiest movie i've ever seen, i wont ruin it n tell u y its so trippy, but its like acid style trippy, not like requiem for a dream trippy where a buncha weird stuff happens.. buncha crazy shit all the way through the movie, along wit a buncha killing.
  12. awesome... thanks for all the replys! i'm hosting a big shroom/LSD party this weekend and i already have a projector for the family room. that's why i'm looking for some trippy vids to watch!
  13. haha thats sweet i'm doin that next weekend, only it'll be more like a gathering rather than a party, now that i think about it i think i'ma rent natural born killers next weekend jus cuz the kids i'm trippin wit havent seen it before, and they'll be like whoa, haha i'll be like whoa too,

    enjoy ur Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
  14. i'm goin to a shroom 'party' this weekend. i don't think you can call it a party when everyone's shroomin, more like a shroom kickback. but yea, we'll be watchin The Wall. never seen it before, should be quite fun on shrooms. if my attention span lasts long enough.
  15. the wall was the movie i was going to say... VERY VERY TRIPPY crazy as shit... good movie and good music to chill to also :) have a good time dude
  16. Oh for fucks sake I can't belive nobodys said it yet: Fear and Lothing in las vegas
    beats them all.
  17. someone did say it already...
  18. Easy Rider is one of the best movies iv ever seen its not that trippy but it was made in the 60s and the actors are high the hole time. Its really good GO RENT IT!
  19. Moving from Rec. use to the General forum. :)
  20. Being John Malcowitch is pretty fucked up. Like the part when Malcowitch goins into his own portal and everything around him is him, man I've only seen that movie sober but I definetly gotta watch it when I'm trippin.

    Shroom parties? Damn, why doesnt anyone have those around here? haha that would be fun as hell. O ya, probably cuz no one can get shrooms...

    Natural Born Killers is sweet too, I've only seen the directors cut, but Im assuming its more or less the same. The NIN video that's on it is pretty wicked too.

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