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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by heat_blitz, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. I drew this trippy drawing the other day as a valentine card, what do you think?

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  2. Thats awesome. I wish i oculd draw like that.
  3. I think that's amazing. I've been trying to find something like that to hang over my bed for a long time. You should draw something like that for me! :D
  4. Thats cool man, I hope you gave her shrooms instead of chocolate!
  5. that's a pretty sweet drawing. i can draw too, but nothing that good.
  6. Heres another drawing i did while on shrooms, this ones pencil. Not really as good as the first, but i was slightly distracted by different things this time hehe.

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  7. those are both awsome drawings. you really have talent.
  8. Damn! Those are awesome! I wish I could draw like that....hey you should scan them better and higher resolutions, I would mess with them in Photoshop a bunch and make them into some pretty sick wallpapers.
  9. heat_blitz, those are awesome. Both have a very clean, presice, i-know-what-i'm-doing feeling to them. Thats one thing i feel that I lack in my psychedelic work. I think i may just need to trip again. I havent had any hallucinogens in excess of a year :(
  10. wow - those are amazing drawings.. good job
  11. Those are so fucking awsome! I wish I could draw like that. Lately iv been really getting into that kind of art. Have any tips on how to draw stuff like your valentine card drawing?
  12. Well, i usually use flowing or curves lines. Also i fill gaps with shapes, lines, dots, or whatever i think will look nice. Its mainly just inventive patterns. My starting point for that card was the eye, like most of my other drawings actually, then i work my way outwards from the particular thing.

  13. Yeah, I'm with him. Awesome work, Blitz, thats exactly the style of drawing I wish I could do. Great work man.
  14. Ah here you go then. Im very lean right now, thanks so much for the comments guys, the next images are the only otherones ive have right now, i might draw some more soon.
    This one was just as a board graphic design.

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  15. Heres a bass drum skin design for my friend, who's in a band called ' The waiting game', i think he actually just posted their bands first demo on the music board. You should check them out, theres a very trippy drum solo at the end, created by asghar himself.

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  16. wow man u keep pumping out the crazy shit dont u... keep it up ;-)
  17. i can kind of draw but dont have any photo's but those are really cool.
  18. Daaamn! I must say that you really have talent! You know what you should, you should look into being an artist for a living. You could design trippy logos and stuff like that, I'm serious I think you could your work is awesome.

    Anyways keep up the good work!
  19. Lol ive always planned to be an artist to try and earn a living, but its not that easy to make enough money when oyu start out, usually you need a supporting job such as art teaching or something. Im kind of following in my dads footsteps as hes an artist, although he quit teaching at college after it got so stressful - so im not sure about the teaching part.

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