Tripple stack xtc!!!

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  1. Guys, I'm having a super tough choice between buying a really good Tripple Stacked Xtc Tablet for 25 or just buying tons of weed.

    Hmmm, would any of you experienced with Ecstasy have any advice?
  2. I would say if your going with synthetic go for acid, purely for the Health reasons. But if Im talking about Healthy then nothing beats a big bag of weed and a bong.
  3. 25 dollars for a tripple stack? i need to come visit your town for a little bit. i can get fire ass tripple stacks for 7 apiece. when you touch these things to your tounge it feels like you stuck a nine volt battery on your tounge.
  4. Did I mention, I currently have 7.5 grams on me right now, so its making the choice very tough.

  5. Shit, for $25 I'd take the tons of weed.

    1 pill or tons of weed. Not a hard choice :rolleyes:
  6. go with the herb man
  7. Thats what I'm thinking :smoke:

    But Idk, not that often we get (Tripple Stacked Tabs) here.

    And I'll easily be having a great time for atleast 6 hours plus on one tab, so you have to think about the time ratio.
  8. ...You realize there's no "stacking" involved in making e? it's MDMA, and it's glued to chalk, flour, or some other substance to give it mass, and has food coloring mixed in, and is then pressed into the pill shape. No stacking, anywhere. The only thing that controls the potency is how much MDMA the person pressing the pills puts into the mix.
  9. I've had a few Tripple stacked tabs, its just overall a really thick pill rather than the tabs you'll pick up for 10 or 15.

    And like I said, people with ecstasy experience please advise me, I've only had a few experiences with the drug.
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  11. I personally don't have much experiance with e, but wouldn't pay more than 20 bucks a roll, because you realize if the pill is thicker, it could easily just mean it's a less concentrated mix it's pressed from.
  12. It should be but a mistake is a mistake haha.

    Anyway I didn't think it would be that big of a deal, I'm including Cannabis as well.

    well Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Just a guy looking for some well thought out advice from an experienced person.
  13. :rolleyes:
    Lmao at people thinking their mods.

    Well since you already have some herb, and you cant get a lot of quality herb for 25$, why not just get the triple stack and have a grand ole night?
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  16. I would say bud, it never lets you down!
  17. buy the ex but don't get addicted man the shit is easily usable,

    just watch yourself, and don't use to much causes brain damage.
  18. "triple stacked" lol.. "tons of weed" for 25 bucks.. lol
  19. the herb othe kinds of drugs are nto naturall and r fucked up

  20. Ohh man I think you might be mis informed, I was saying that the xtc tab costs 25 dollars, not that I only have 25 dollars.

    I have 7grams and I only like dropping about 80 dollars a weekend on weed/drugs.

    So I didn't know If i should just spend 25 on a sick tab and then buy some herb, or just buy a bunch of herb so I can add it to my 7grams !

    Well thanks for the advice so far haha!

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