Tripping w/3D glasses!!

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  1. okay. so i got some 3D glasses, but then kept forgetting about them while i was high with my friends. :( so last night before we toked up i taped a note to my fucking forehead that said "3D glasses asshole" (i forget stuff a lot when i am high) so my 2 friends and i toked it up, got pretty baked, and started walking around downtown (small town of 17000) IT IS FUCKING SWEET!! like, these glases were like, red on one side, and purple on the other. and when you looked just through the purple side. omg. omg. like, its like, really dark, and the whole world is like, a purple ghost world. its hard to describe.
    so then we went to my friends house and watched some parts of this Spy Kids 3D and it was scary as fuckkkk. they kept popping out and i was shitting my pants.
    so we left and i drove out to the country with them and we went to this place called "the hills" super fucking hilly road.
    so i cranked my car stereo, listening to pink floyd's "Any Colour You Like" wearing the 3D glasses driving like, 60-70 over all these hills going up and down real fucking steep. and i had my brights on cause the 3d glasses made it real hard to see.
    best fucking trip experience ever! and i wasn't even all that high. felt like i was in space with like, other alien spaceships trying to avoid asteroids. and then i thought i was a jedi or something
    anyway. get 3d glasses right now and get baked. make sure it is night though so street lights will be on. you wont regret it. your welcome
    oh yeah! and like, walk by stored that have like flourescent lights on inside and the doors and windows will look like forcefields or something. :D
  3. wow... your my hero
  4. Sounds like you had an awesome time dude !!!
    enjoy the smoke and keep it straight
  5. so you wore 3d glasses while driving AND tripping?
  6. wow man your like my like hero woahhhhh:smoking:
  7. EP1C STORY DUD3....

  8. I just realized I have 3-d glasses and I have that song on my ipod. I have to try that.
  9. haha. believe me, he made it sound a lot better than it will end up being.
  10. sounds like a good way to
    a. wreck your car
    b. wreck your car while hitting another car hurting them also
    and if that happens
    c. just another person makin herb look bad to society,

    nice man.
  11. Im pretty sure I can see in the third dimension as it is...

    Fact Check? :p
  12. 3D glasses and holograms ARE fucking trippy, you should actually go see beowulf in 3D when you've got the smoke inside you. What you really want though is to get yourself a couple of holographic lenses, one linear lens and one double axis lens and make shades/glasses out of them. do it. I promise it's better than just those anaglyph glasses.
  13. :smoke::smoke:

    that sounds familiar
    oh wait i was there
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    I've seen 3-d movies etc.. while high. Seen lots of shows in vegas, but it isn't that great while high. I also have spy kids 3-d, journey to the center of the earth 3-d and they are shit 3-d movies. And this in a 50" 1080p tv with dvd upconversion and it's still shitty. I've even seen honey we shrunk the audience while high at disneyland, and that shit pops right in front of your face, but it still wasn't that good.

    Journey to the center of the earth is a lot better than spy-kids 3-d viewing wise though. More stuff pops out.

    Maybe some shrooms would make it interesting though.
  15. the coolest glasses are the ones that make light look crazy that you get at the fireworks.
  16. That sounds quite cool! Although I dunno about the whole driving thing, even if it was a deserted country road.
  17. I had these green lens four leaf clover glass that were trippy as fuck while stoned on St. Patty's day.
  18. You don't "trip" off weed. And you drove with 3-D glasses while you were high? ...A very mature and smart decision.
  19. HOLY SHIT! the first time i tripped acid i had a pair of 3d glasses and when i looked at the lights i saw millions of smiley faces! damn that was a crazy night!
  20. you do something that is illegal....very smart and mature decision.

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