Tripping on THC: No Origin or End

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  1. It was a night that altered my life. Ultimately I want to believe it was beneficial, and it was, without a doubt, the most life altering experience of my life. So trying to describe it:

    After smoking, a few friends and I were heading to a poker game, which was typical for me at the time. After about twenty minutes of driving I began to feel an odd sensation that can be best described as deja vu on steroids. Moments later I can't remember my thoughts exactly, but I remember staring intensely at the yellow lines which divided the road. I started to lose the ability to focus on the voices and music. The way I was interpreting reality at that moment was strange to say the least, but I am almost certain that I didn't see non-real objects, in fact I was beginning to lose the ability to construct my senses into a meaningful whole. So becuase my senses were seemingly nonexistent my mind was thinking without being able to establish communication with the outside world. This is where I vividly remember viewing the world, universe, everything, as just atoms with ordinary time just being a product of atoms moving from point A to point B. This thought scared me but the funny thing is if I wanted to think the word scared in my head i couldn't but I most definitely felt scared. Frantically I began searching for a word within my head to communicate with my friends that something definitely wasn't right finally I said the word "help" and repeated the one word many times. Now I don't remember this next incident but I was told it afterward. So as we turned into the neighborhood I started screaming and opened the door from the moving car at that moment the driver grabbed my shoulder and stopped at that point I began to better focus my senses but I still was not okay. We went into the house where cards was being played and I sat down, slowly I started to drift once again but this time it was even worse. Eventually I had to just stop playing and went to lay on a couch. Now on this couch is where my life completely changed. I found comfort in trying to describe the way my body processes such substances, with the body having natural filters. This kept me afloat for a bit, but I can't remember how it happened but I had ABSOLUTELY no memory or reasoning. So I was conscious and my brain was thinking but I had no thoughts it more of feelings. I felt as if I was an entity, no origin, no end, floating in a universe of nothing but myself. I have no idea how I could have come to that conclusion or why I had this experience. So I was "dead" but why be condemned to this horrible fate. After having these thoughts for what literally seemed like an eternity there was one final thought; If I choose to close my eyes I will seize to exist, strangely enough after this entire experience that seemed reasonable so I closed my eyes and that was it. I woke up with such an overwhelming since of happiness I woke my family up to tell them how much they mean.

    Recently I have been reading some books on quantum theory and consciousness and I think my interests now are due not completely but in a large part to this experience. I have such a drive right now to understand what biologically occurred that anything other than knowing "why?" this is happening is simply unacceptable.

    For those of you who are curious of the experience its simply indescribable, and for that fact I completely understand if you're skeptical. The human brain is not suited for the THC molecule, this is why it has to be experienced, to experience a feeling that just isn't possible normally. I am completely focused on the now and tomorrow now just enjoying the steps getting there.

    My main purpose for writing this was to try to find more people who shared a similar experience. So I really hope if some of you have shared a similar experience to write a little something about it.:wave:
  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    did u happen to take lsd along with this
  3. THC is....well....THC is my user name.

    Edit: Almost forgot....DuurrrrpppppP!!
  4. wait, you smoked only weed and this happened?
  5. dam daw thats some fire weed
    word thats strange u got that high
    musta been some dank
  6. Yea man it was pretty damn intense. But in all fairness it was really good weed
  7. do you still smoke after that?
  8. I had an experience like this, when I first started smoking alot. I tripped out and thought I saw infinity, then I believed I was god for about 5 minutes. This all ended when I finally threw up. I did not throw up because of smoke or sickness, it was simply because I was so stoned. That night was a total mind fuck. It was really interesting what I learned, but I realize now that almost none of it makes sense.
  9. That is exactly what i am talking about.

    I rarely smoke nowadays
  10. Sounds like a 20x Salvia trip. lol
  11. I cannot wait to come of this 2 month T-Break with a shitttttton of edibles.
  12. Yea man you know the thing is ive smoked salvia many times and of course it was intense but nothing remotely close to that trip with weed.
  13. sounds like a DMT trip kinda
  14. Ya when I first started smoking I had an overwhelming sensation that the God I thought of in my head was really my future when I died. That was when I was a christian and it scared the shit out of me cause I knew it was the truth. Many hallucinogens later I've realized that God is only a cope for people that can't handle the truth about life. And that we really are just an advanced species on a spinning rock in the middle of fucking no where. Holy shit Im x'ed out right now. damn. damn. Dude life is a fucking trip itself/:smoking::smoking:watch some terence mckenna on youtube some real interesting shit if your blown in another dimension.
  15. yea man ill check it out
  16. I once had a trip that was similar. It was during the after grad party for our school, on some kids farm. Got drunk, then later when i sobered up, my one buddy had ditched me, so i went and chilled with another buddy. Him, this chick and i went to his tent to smoke a bowl, so we smoked a bowl, and with in minutes all the sudden everything was black. My buddy and the girl were talking while i just sat there. I could hear voices, but i didnt know where they were coming from, or what they were saying, i just heard voices. After like half an hour of saying nothing, i just said, guys i dont like this... So the girl, my good friend too, said hunny its okay your fine. And tried to calm me down. After like 2 minutes i zoned out again. It was like i was in another dimention. After a while i said yo my friend, do you have a blanket? i think im just reall cold.. cause it had rained that night, and i was in a t shirt and jeans. So he hands me a blanket, and i lay down with it over me... I zone out once again, and then as im falling asleep, i just kinda snapped into reality. So i sat up again, and tried to join in on their convo, but couldnt keep my shit together to talk, so i justr sat there... After a while the chick had left to check up on her friend. So its just me and (we will call him bob) bob, all the sudden i feel great and we start talking. Bob starts telling me a story, then i interupded him to say something, then we both started to laugh for like 45 mins. So now like an hour and a half had gone by.. After we stopped laughin we started to talk again and then out of no where some dude in a tent behind us says something. something completly random. Bob and i both start laughing to the pioint where we cant brethe for like 20 mins. After we stopped lauging again, we figured out the guy behind us was anohter good friend. Bob and i start talking again, and after about 15 mins the guy says something again. and he just keeps doing this for about an hour. So the night goes on and my high, which was REALLLLLLY scaring me turned into my best high. After like 3 hours (i dont know how in the fuck my high lasted that long) i went to go find my friend so i walked out of his tent, and started to walk, but then i zoned out again, and couldnt see nothing. after i got closer to where the party was, i was getting my vision back, but it was so blurry... i walked about half way and said fuck it, cant find him, and went back to bobs tent. where i chilled till my friend found me.

    Sorry for such a long story haha
  17. No not at all, I really enjoy hearing such experiences.
  18. I had took acid once and had a bad trip and went a little something like that . . . but never from weed.

  19. Damn bro, ego-loss from smokin ganja...thats intense ive had a similar time like that once when i ate a quarter of some shroomies,, waaay to much. But damn dude that musta been some chron you were smoking, good to hear it was a positive experience though man
  20. all i can say is your shit was laced with PCP or sumthin thats some crazzzzy ass trip do you have any more of that bud?? so you can see if it happens again??? :bongin:

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