Tripping on Extraction!

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  1. hey guys, had a very plesant and good experience with the delsym water extraction technique. i have a batch drying right now, some where between 700-850mg of dxm in the powder. I am going to administer the dxm orally in little "parachutes" on 5 diff occasions, i plan on taking all of the dxm just not all at once, im going to smoke a bong right now and let the powder dry out a little more, ill post back when im droppin the first paratrooper:wave:
  2. so i dropped the first parachute about 20-30 mintues ago, im about to do another one! bombs away!!!!!!!!!
  3. I want you to have a good night ok. Enjoy yourself.
    Make sure you post in the morning to make say youre okay.
    ill be up waiting
  4. i just dropped another one! i tryin to make them all equal size but the first one was big to get me going!
  5. write up a trip report dude(if your not too out there). i used to love dxm, my stomach can't handle the syrup anymore(from chugging so many bottles in hs) so i might have to try one of the extractions id love to dex again. oh yeah, and spreading out your dosing should have you good for a nice while.

    oh yeah and , HAVE FUN.
  6. i would consider this a trip report? its just not to detailed, it gets exhusting! i extracted 148 mg of delsym wich is roughly 880mg but i think i lost a little bit of it from leaving it in the water to long (3+) hours, i think some might have disolved because i did this last night and only let it sit in the water for 2 hours and i feel like i got more, but im about to drop another one right now, feelin a lil different but not much, i just did it last night so i dunno
  7. feelin a lil different, slight head change, the extracted delsym seems to take a little while to kick in, it says its extended relase soo ya know. i def feel a lil differnt not much yet tho, im about to drop the last guy down the chute! here it goes!
  8. yeah thats what i meant, try to log your trip in this thread(if you can) i love reading dxm t.r.'s and good vibes bro, you'll be feelin great pretty soon.
  9. feeling really good i dunno how long its been check the post, definatly coming on strong now!
  10. i love delsym, but it gives you diarrhea bad.

    becuase its regular dxm, but its plastex or i forget the chemical name, the molecules have plastic around them for time release, not dangerous, just gives you diarrhea, have you gotten that? becuase if not, im very interested in how this is going, and how you do the water extraction.
  11. ya its like polistirex or something i used the extraction method and i am no smarter than a 8th grade chemist :D

    i really like this method better easy to admister, no drinkin nasty shit. and its super easy to use. doesnt really give me diareah tho
  12. just took a little shot of zicam, probly bout 1/4 the bottle, just a nice little booster! smoked two blunts in a matter of like 2.5 hours couple friends came over, i got a couple beers should i drink one or two? i never had the urge to do it before, nore do i now. i also sniffed a small small line of an OC 40 probly .1g in weight. I felt it for a lil, now im feelin the dxm more
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    edit; lol didnt see that before i posted, fuck yeah dude, have a good time, id try maybe half a beer just to make sure you wont hurl, but the buzz might enhace the trip, or make you throw up lol.
  14. ya my budy cam throu with a twenty bag of good mids and a small line of oc 40 i feel really good, took that shot of zicam too
  15. fuck yeah, im loaded on some kpins and some black, feelin good, need to rip some bongs.
  16. im wicked high im planing on fionishing the rest of teh zicam still a bit left
  17. Yum, DXM.

    Continue in your fun. =]
  18. dood this trip is so sick, i was dancing on xbox live on camera with abunch of people that were drunk, trip is gettin really intense its excellent~!
  19. im wicked fucked up right now, tripppin hard listening to music it sounsd awsome,s mokng alot of weed and drinking alot of water
  20. nice dude, im definately gonna try and extaction next time i get paid, love those trips

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