Tripping Hard

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CuZ, May 5, 2011.

  1. Ok so this happened today and kind of made me realise that I smoke too much bud. I finished college at 12 today, blazed up with a few people , and got home about 2. Realized I had some reaaly decent movies waiting to be watched, some stick icky icky and I concluded that I should probably get higher.

    It was hot outside, like really hot so I opened my window and it causes a draft which makes the door to my room open and close. I always prang about my parents coming home or whatever so I always keep an ear out ( and sometimes it fucks me over ).

    So I rolled up, blazed a fatty and as I was just about to go inside I heard what sounded like someone tearning my shit up upstairs. I was like whaaat the fuck im being robbed, so naturally being in the kitchen, I grabbed a shank. The noises sounded like they were changing and this guy was just going to town on my shit so I was creeping upstairs ready to fuck a mother fucker up making a lot of noise as my house creaks like a bitch. I was getting even more paranoid about me making noise like the guy would have an advantage, hearing me coming. So yeah long story short, I got to the top of the stairs, saw my swinging and just loled at myself.

    This was probably the most ive ever tripped out, took a good 10 minutes haha.
  2. Ok its just me? Lol.
  3. Hahah damn you were baaaaakkkkeeeeddd man :smoke:
  4. oh yeah man, can happen. I stood by my door waiting to go inside last night for 10 minutes, thought somebody was waiting for me inside of the door. I eventually swung the door open in fear and ran downstairs. Long story short, nobody could of been waiting for me, I live alone.

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