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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by vertiN, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. well u know that coke sobers u up, so what if u were frying or shroomin it and do coke? would u completely stop trippin?
  2. I've never heard of anything like that, i'd say that would be dope if you were tripping an 8th or like a good dose...just make sure to not lose count of how much you blow though, that would be hard tripping shrooms
  3. ya im gonna drop some cid and rail a line an hour into it i think
  4. yeah man you'll be fine just don't have a ball lying around or it's gonna be gone by the time you're tripping

    gotta watch out for that shit
  5. ya i only got a gram
  6. It won't really sober you up, but be careful about how much you do. You're over stimulating your brain's receptors as it is and throwing coke in that can be a little risky. Just be safe man.
  7. yeah plus coming down on coke while tripping would suck shit. i wouldn't do it because if you're not going to want to feel the shitty come down then you're going to finish all your coke and still have a shit come down later lol.
  8. I used to do stuff like that in college... I've found that coke doesn't mix well with most things, and does tend to be a lot more dangerous to your health when mixed. That said, here is what I found:

    Coke + Alcohol: Fun, but really, REALLY bad for your liver. If your the sort to take sleeping pills when coming down (I always found it helped when I finally decided to go to bed), be very careful with those too... and never take ones with tylenol in em (which is processed through your liver too).

    Coke + shrooms: This was actually kind of fun, I found...

    Coke + ecstasy: kind of killed the ecstasy, but I only tried it once, so they may just have been shitty pills

    Coke + weed: meh... I'd rather do em individually.

    Never had any code + lsd around at the same time...
  9. i had a feeling coke wasn't good unless mixed with alcohol but tripping and coke is still pretty shitty IMO. coming down on something while peaking on another is never good
  10. I personally love mixing coke with 2C-E. Same with amphetamines, it's just fucking AMAAAAZING.
  11. i would think 2C-E is different because it has some speed characteristics so it wouldn't affect you that much different
  12. It's a mescaline analog and still effects the same receptors as acid and shrooms.. The only difference between 2C-E and the others is that is makes you trip, and its a continually 'up' trip.

    I've mixed uppers with other tripables before, mescaline, acid and shrooms included.
  13. which is what i'm pointing out, the continual 'up'. and i'm not saying it wouldn't be fun, i'm saying coming down on one thing and peaking on another sucks.
  14. I see what you're saying now. I still think amphetamines and coke both make for better trips IMO, it's always made mine waaaay better.
  15. if i would ever do it i would do it when my trip would start to end so i could come down on both and not feel like shit lol
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