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  1. Hey guys, i feel my trip arriving, feel like chattin, jus sayin hey to all the other people that can actauly stay up all night, how yall doin?
  2. pretty good dude just chillin and watchin that 70's show on FX
  3. probably bout to go out for another cig, they r great right now
  4. What ya trippin on?

    err...nvm I realized that other post was you.

    How ya feeling?
  5. lol cock.

    had to say that. hahaha

    noo prolly weed?
  6. What did you dose? :confused:
  7. garbbled down n 8th of shrooms
  8. yesss cigs are great on shrooms :D
  9. sup hahha ?

    im speeding the fuck out off some Vyvanse man...

    hows yo trip ???:p:cool::smoking:
  10. ah its cool watchin things disapear and then come back...
  11. Your lucky you have something to trip on tonight. Around here where I live, nothing psychadelic ever comes around. At least theres still weed though =]
  12. i saw the speeeeeder and got happppy :)

    im speeding on some generica adderall right now.

    ate 60mg, blew 15mg. Feeling mighty fine right about now :)
  13. Your trip will only get better. let these good vibes stay with you ~~~:wave:
  14. hasha yea took a good 1 n 45 mins but im sustainin a good peak
  15. monday night shroom trip.

    Rock on.

  16. yo my niga matts speedin tooo !!!

    Speed is awsome

    vyvanse is awsome!
  17. I do not speed but am about to do a line of blow and get fresher than a newborn. :D :cool:
  18. LOL man throw some of that yay my way !!! :D:D

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