Trippin out in the bathroom

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jasonjasonjason, May 17, 2006.

  1. So this is a short little story that I thought was hilarious after it happened.

    So I was at this party with about 12 beers in me, some valium, and a couple joints between me and some friends, so needless to say Im really fucked up, and I have to piss.

    So I go into the bathroom and Im like ok...sink..shower..another sink...where is the fucking toilet?!?!

    I repeat this process like 5 more times, spinning around the room saying out loud "sink...shower....sink...sink...shower...sink...shower......door!"

    It took me a good 5 minutes to realize the toilet was in one of those seperate rooms within a bathroom and the door was closed lol!
  2. Dude how stoned were you...I mean you really got to be stoned to not know where the toilet is. And that's really funny tho lol
  3. haha i woulda just pissed in the shower
  4. lol that would be werid taking a piss in a shower
  5. yup, im with nn, i woulda pissed in the shower, or gone out in the yard lol. being fucked up, i dont care where i go lol.
  6. I woulda done the same..I dont care my friends wouldn't care the bad this is if u go outside the neigbor might see you taking a piss or something
  7. haha that would be pretty trippy, i prolly would have just pissed outside or something
  8. Naaah pissing in the sink is much more acceptable than pissing in the shower. :D
  9. LMAO you must have been fucked up.
  10. Atleast you found it, incedent free as well. Good call.
  11. i used to piss in my shower all the time...makes less noise when i was drunk and trying to sneak in.
  12. I've pissed pretty much everywhere. I mean... unless it's someone elses place I don't really care. Fuck it, I'll clean it up in the morning. Or maybe two weeks from now. Or maybe I'll forget, whatever.

    I like pissing. Feels good, it's even kind of fun. What I don't like doing is pissing in cups. I've pissed in waaay too many of them in my day, and it makes me feel shitty. It's not fun at all :(
  13. before i smoked or anything i was staying at a sleep over with some friends at my friend nathans house, and at like 4 in the morning i got woken up by my friend brian wondering around(sleep walking) and after waking up another friend (mike) we just watched for a few mins, and all of sudden, brian drops his pants and pisses ALL over nathans ps2 haha. he claimed he thought they were camping lol. it was hilarious!!!
  14. haha yeah guys well i never drink so that many beers had me really fucked up, plus the valium and the couple jays that were some good dank

    haha and all this talk about pissing in sinks and shit....i dont know if any of you have taken a photo class but in the darkrooms they typically have a sink at the end of the chemicals that is constantly running to rinse the photos off, and its that sound that just MAKES you have to piss, so one time me and my friend were in there and i was like fuck it im too lazy to go out to the bathroom so i told him to watch the door for me while i pissed in the rinsing sink lol
  15. The question is:

    After peeing in the shower would you run the water a little bit to rinse? or make the poor fool who goes in there stand in your pee?
  16. lol. i woulda probably got frustrated and peed in the shower or just walked out and asked for assistance. either that or found a nice tree outside. peein outside deffinetly beats peein inside by a long shot. even when im sober and its night ill go outside to pee. if its night then i can just pee in the middle of the yard.
  17. lmao

    this is going in my sig. :bongin:
  18. Man my friend pissed in my shower one time when i was puking in the toilet. he was like "i couldn't wait". i was pissed.
  19. lol!!!! omg. that reminds me of my experience earlier. i went for a shower and one of my flatmates had to knock on the bathroom door cause i was showering for ages!!! thought i slipped and knocked my head on something and fallen unconscious. lol.

    i was super high mode so i could feel everything. my senses were extreme. a shower makes the senses pick up every drop and it feels like an orgasm!! lol. wtf. try it XD

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