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  1. This week I plan on obtain some shrooms and taking them for my first time. Not only is this a first time, but a first time using any psychedelic.

    The information getting thrown around with my friends is that it is best to be outside when you're tripping. My friend's brother who had did them told us this because of the wall's melting and having it scare the tripper.

    I would prefer to trip inside instead of outside. Although there are places I could go to trip, but I don't want to drive anywhere tripping.

    Any advise for a first timer, let me know.
  2. Yeah thats always my advice when people ask for first time trip advice.

    Dont trip inside.
  3. sounds smart to not trip inside, to many weird objects.
  4. Ok, so outside it is.

    That brings up another question, where is a safe place to go? We have many parks around my area and I live in an apartment complex.
  5. if you are tripping outside a park is nice but once you start walking you may find yourself miles away. i prefer inside, i like the walls to melt and the music to fly around the room. stay away from anything that get's you paranoid when high on pot.
  6. You're fine starting out inside if there's parks nearby. Then, if you feel like going outside you can, but if you start outside it can produce anxiety because you don't know what effect it's going to have on you and you may not be able to fully control yourself and act normal, especially your first time.
  7. My first ever trip was inside and i didnt have a bad trip or anything like that.
  8. well this is my situation...

    the only parks close by are within driving distance but outside of walking distance. I'm not trying to drive while shroomin for a first (if i was high it'd be a different matter).
  9. The first time I bought shrooms the guy said these are bomb ive been eating them all day.

    once I ate them I was thinking "how the fuck was he even talking"

    Depending how much you eat youll know that driving is gonna be out of the question.

    Im just lucky to have a beautiful backyard and a nature trail right next door.

    anyone ever head down to the rio grande valley hit me up. Our weed prices will blow your mind. right next to mex.

  10. Im my experience, if your scared of tripping, then its going to suck. Wait till you arent scared and take them, you'll be fine. I was, just don't run across the street. (but its fun)
  11. ha, im actually excited and confident about it. I just wanted things to go smooth ya know.
  12. I tripped inside my first time because I wanted to be some where familiar and safe to me, and somewhere that wasn't public. I don't think that I would have been comfortable in public feeling like that for the first time.
  13. if your comfy inside and wont get bothered, DO IT. i listened to a lot of music and chilled in my room and had a blast. outside is pretty fun too

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