trippin face and i made a picture

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  1. well i didnt really make it, i copy pasted it. it is what i feel like in my head if you know what i mean.


  2. That is actually really cool. A great idea that I'd like to see others expand on.
  3. This is really good, you should pickup a copy of photoshop and learn about layering and styles aswell if you wanna make an even better version
  4. haha holy shit i dont even remember making these. They are pretty fucked up, not gonna lie
  5. +rep for the boobah!
  6. :laughing: :laughing:
  7. i gotta get more acid so i can make more art! :D
  8. these are pretty good. good job.
  9. i see the hamburgler !!
  10. your wish hath been granted, sorta

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  11. I cannot choose whether I prefer Chewbacca, the cookie man in the cheese house held up my the suprised mouse, or the Paleontologist Dinosaur :D
    Haha, good shit man :hello:
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    CHea!! Great concept! Very tripppppy , the gnarly ninja peter pan looking dude is the coolest ahhaha and the mech pirate :D:D ... The first one is a fav (have it as my wallpaper now)
  13. i was workin on some earlier today but i forgot my photobucket password and im too lazy to reset it now. ill do it later when im not high as fuck :smoke:

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