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Trippin' Balls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Captain K, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. So, today was my first time blazin for a while, I blazed when I was younger. Today, my friend brought two of his female friends, and we went to the "location" over here. I bought a torch lighter, but was gentle with the flame, on the bowl, so a lighter and I didn't buy some water, and had no water. We went to the place, and sat down, I packed my homemade pipe:

    Then he packed his little .3 bowl, and we all lit it up.

    Puff, Puff pass..

    So, after a few deep rips through our pipes . . .

    My body started feeling like I was getting lightly pushed backwards, and let me mention we were sitting on big logs. So, I'm chinese eye'd, and then I pack more into my bowl and just light it up, and keep on hittin my pipe.

    5 minutes later, I start trippin BAWLS.

    - I start losing balance, and pushing is harder on me, then I try to stand up, its's hard. My body parts are being massaged, my neck, back, genitals, everything is being massaged, and I feel no pain.

    - I can "try" to act normal, like, try to have balance, and walk straight, but it's hard, and it's amazing walking, it's insane.

    After, the two girls start leaving, and me and my friend are trippin bawls, I try to pack my shit up, and am very aware I need to make sure I don't forget anything, so I check the area 5 times.

    - We start walking, when we get to a certain point, I yell "WAIT!" and my friend gets scared, I search my body for keys and when doing so, every thing feels like a strobe light, like I'm blinking fast, and it's like a small paper comic, where you flip the pages to make it look like the stick man is moving. Anyways, I find my keys and relief is upon me. When I feel something the noise isn't synced with what I do, if I touch my keys, the noise comes 1 second after, I see my friends female friends walking, and the noise of them walking comes from a different direction.

    - I walk, and feel like a drunk, but I have enough power to walk down the street, and my friend and his girls are slow so, I'm up ahead quite the distance. I walk by people at the corner store, and people laugh at me, so I smile back, I go inside the corner store, and go get a water, the guy obviously remembers me from buying the lighter, so he laughs at me, probably because I came back Chinese, and red eyes like the devil, he smirks and can't not laugh at me. I smile and say have a nice day, walk out with my paid for water.

    - Before getting the water, walking with pasty's feels like a skeletons mouth, just bone and desert dry skin inside.

    - I satisfy my pastieness, and start walking down the road, I take 2 routes into factor, sub route upon neighborhoods, or the main road. Neighborhoods means that I pass by people I know, so I take the main road, I see my friend on the other side. I am VERY conscious of my safety, crossing the road.

    - I cross the road, without good balance.

    - I start walking home, licking around my mouth 30 times a second, but time is soooo slow, like 7 seonds packed into one second. Reality flashes in and out, and I don't know if I'm dreaming or just trippin, I feel third person, I feel like I'm watching myself.

    I get home, walk up quite a few floors of stairs, until the top floor, the stairs give me a headache.

    - I go rinse my mouth out with water, get the stuff out of my bag, stash it and stuff.

    - I attempt to take a bath, almost fall asleep, the water is very hot.

    - I get out and dry off myself.

    - I have no clue but I throw out my pipe and some "evidence" as I called it while tripping, and set myself for the journey of going to throw the garbage out. Down the stairs, take the garbage out, my teeth feel pasty, I take the elevator as I am sick of walking up stairs.

    I get home, and then get some Tuna and put it in a bowl, and put it beside my bed.

    I eat the Tuna, it feels like Im eating something that is very pastey, and the Tuna dehydrates me, so I drink more water.

    - I stand up and bring 3 bottles of water to my room.

    - Watching TV is much fun, even while tripping, it feels less boring and more fun.

    - I close my door and turn on a fan to give me ventilation, I then lay down and put a timer on my TV, and close my eyes, I get closed eye visuals, I'm tripping hard, I just watch myself on my TV, like I'm describing in this topic, the whole movie played in my face, but it's fast.

    I fall asleep while texting my friend, he's tripping hard too.

    - I wake up, and am still Chinese eyed but almost no redness.

    I go on with my day, but this was a trip I've never experienced.

    Let me know your opinion on what happened, maybe I got laced shit, but man, this is a story to tell the buds. ;)
  2. was it your first time smoking some dank bud?:cool:
  3. I think so man, I was trippin hard. Its either dank bud or some laced schwag, either way. A moment in my life I will remember.

  4. you mind me asking how much you paid for that?
  5. Over where I live, buds are $10/g, My dealer didn't know what kind of shit he got, but I bought 4.5g's from my close friend, he delivered 1.5 and 2g's soon, and then 1g the next week. I paid $35 for 4.5

  6. then I really doubt it was laced...sounds like a great, pure experience bro. Light that shit up again, except invite me this time :smoke:

  7. Oh man, it was great, but scary because I've never experienced it, was a NUTS trip, I'd invite you if I knew you. ;)
  8. You were not tripping hard. Had you ever actually tripped balls you would know the difference ;)

  9. Really? If that wasn't trippin hard, I don't wanna know what a real trip is. Haha
  10. Exactly ;)

    When reality melts around you and you hear angels singing you're really tripping.

  11. Angels singing? I haven't had that experience but a wood pecker pokin into the wood, had a beat, and it was pretty groovy.
  12. What about melting through your blanket and landing in ancient eygpt? I figured i was going to read a thread about to get closed when i entered. You got extremely stoned, enjoy it while you can.

  13. Extremely stoned, I checked myself every few minutes to see if I urinated, for no reason. :O Some funny shit looking back at it. :eek:
  14. when life is like looking into a kaleidoscope and your ever changing thoughts are bending reality, then you have yourself one intense trip that is unlike any weed you've ever smoked. I wish i tripped bawls on weed :(

  15. That happens when i'm sober...

  16. I tripped in my opinion. Haha...

    HAHA, When you're sober, oh shit man. .. That's funny stuff.
  17. What this guy said ^ You probably smoked way too much of it for your first time smoking some dank. xD

  18. I think so too, too much of dank stuff for the first time.
  19. Anyone else have an experience like this?
  20. #20 oldskoolgrower, Sep 26, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 26, 2010
    No need to double post to bump your thread, and it's frowned upon in general to do so.

    Yes people have gotten too high too. You were high as fuck, get over it.

    [ame=""]YouTube - "High as F#%k" Music Video[/ame]

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