Trippiest high you had?

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  1. Mine was when I had to skate home (3 miles) I smoked right before I started leaving. Then I was skating and it felt like I was in the game skate and the sidewalk looked like it was moving like a tredmile. So I started to walk instead of skate and I kept staring at the sidewalk and it still looked like a tredmile. Then I got closer to home and the bushes started to look like shrooms a little cause they had these things on top of them. I was just really focused on the sidewalk to whole way home. Then I got home and ate :)
  2. I was walking home from a party at my neighbors house at like four in the morning, as high as the moon, and I saw headlights on the road in front of me so I automatically thought it was a cop because the neighbors had threatened to call them because of noise, so I ran behind a bush and waited for the car to pass (It WAS a cop) and all the sudden a fucking blue light was shining in front of the bush and there was a roaring sound like a jet engine in my ears, and i couldn't see the source of the light so i just sat there completely still for literally fifteen minutes until it went away.
    It was such a trippy night I couln't run home fast enough.
  3. One time two weeks ago, I was ripping gravs with my best friend at his house and we smoked 2 each in like 5 minutes and I didn't realize how high I was. Well I wanted to show him this really trippy music video I had seen once.

    [ame=]‪Blockhead - The Music Scene‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    So we watch it and then after it stops we're both lying down on his bed staring at the ceiling and all of a sudden this huge wave of images flood my head. I experience all of these mental hallucinations (as in purely within my head, not in like my physical senses) and relive dreams from my childhood that I had never before remembered. I know that they were childhood dreams because the nature of my dreams has changed alot since I was young and the hallucinations I was having were all very much like video games, but with all these things that I experienced as a child. It's really hard for me to describe because the whole thing felt like a dream it was so vivid but the next day, I could hardly accurately describe this to my friend besides telling him that I was reliving childhood dreams. A true "holy shit" experience.

    Bottom line: Got really high, was visited by dreams I had as a child

  4. That is a trippy video haha. I'm sober right now and it was trippy. I think I'll watch it next time I get high to see what it's like

  5. That video is about how humans and animals were created, but the technology wasn't accepted by animals, only humans. Eventually, technology took over the humans lives and ended up ruining everything and killing everyone, but the animals were still strong.

    It sounds like crack cocain.
  6. That is literally EXACTLY what i thought haha. I even went and bookmarked it already! :smoke:
  7. I remember that one time it felt like my closed eye vision was overlayed over my real vision in a way, so it seemed like my vision was kind of flashing and I could kind of see patterns from the closed eye vision field merged into my real vision. I also had a pretty nice head trip to go with it.
  8. One time, I somehow had... I dunno, pseudo-synesthesia (where you can see sounds and music) and I could vividly see everything everyone was saying. I finally put on some Apoptygma Berzerk and the world just... pulsed with the beat. It was pretty amazing.
  9. Was walking through the woods, stumbled upon what i thought was a Nazi Death Camp, so i climbed one of those HUGE telephone poles all the way to the top. I could see this light shining and wherever the light shined there were bald heads.

    Needless to say, there was a ridiciously large amount of balls being tripped that night.
  10. Once i looked at my garage floor and it looked like hundreds of little robotic puzzle pieces. At first i couldnt see it that well but after 5 seconds i could see it perfectly without trying. i stared at that shit for like 10 minutes straight, i think lol
  11. yeah man it's amazing. If you're not high it's easy to think about it but it just blows me away when I'm high.

  12. Dude that would be awesome.
  13. felt a mad falling sensation, insane giggles, rolled over once and somehow ended on the otherside of a field? o_O spent like 2hours with the rolling sensation just tripping balls laughing

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