Tripped on LSD and feeling Uneasy.. Advice?

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  1. So last night I experienced my second acid trip, and its was definitely more intense than I expected or was prepared for. The circumstances were that I was in my friend's basement, just chilling with him. Took one hit around 830pm, then a 2nd around 10pm. He fell asleep around 12 or so, I believe.

    At first, I felt an incredible panic, as my perception fucked up and I felt like I had no control over what was happening. After some time, this wore down, and I was left with a pretty okay feeling. Then I started feeling very uneasy. I was sitting there at the computer most of the time by myself, not knowing what to think, and I didn't get to bed until around 5 or 6am, after my friend had already woken up again.

    Today I find myself with this overtone feeling of fear or anxiety.. that is the best that I can describe it. I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and could offer any advice. Is it possible that the acid could have rewired me to think so fearfully, even after the trip ended, or is this just an irrational fear? Or, even more strangely, could this affinity for irrational fears be an effect of the LSD "rewiring" my brain? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks,

  2. note i have never taken LSD, nor have any of my friends. But from what I read (sad how much I did) it cannot 'rewire' you permanently. The paranoia you felt is usual for tripping, especially if it is a larger dose then expected. It is a very downhill spiral, as the more paranoid you are, the more paranoid you become of being scared. that is the highway to bad trip.

    After any psychological event like this, it would be common to fear what has happened, and how you will be afterward. Once you have enough rest, and spend a few days going over what happened, you should start to feel better. This may just have been an unpleasant trip, and there is nothing you could do about that, especially now.

    But what do i know? the most psychedelic thing me or my friends have used is salvia (which is not to be taken lightly). So a more experienced tripper would certainly be able to help more than myself.
  3. ive done lsd about 4 times
    and the first time i felt very uneasy at one point
    but in about a week or two it should die down
  4. You just had a difficult experience and it will take a couple soild sleeps to get it to go away. When something difficult like (i hate to use this for an example) someone dieing or something happens it takes a while to get over. You just experienced something new and strange and it will take a while to go away. I'm surprised you got any sleep at all personally I can't sleep at all on acid for at least 12 hrs and I don't feel normal for at least a few days. Next time try dosing in the morning so you have the daylight to explore with friends in the woods or something away from the public to do and it won't be as tiring.
  5. dude your good...just need to go on about daily life you was only one trip and there will be plenty more.just take what you learned from this experience and it'll help you with your next trip.bad trips arent always bad.....there what you make them out to be.
  6. Thanks, this is all pretty helpful. I just find myself with worried thoughts that I normally wouldn't have had before i tripped. I guess that's normal, though, then?
  7. yeah its all part of the drug my friend. acid, mentally has a long comedown even after you stop trippin
    it will go away you dont have anything to worry about.......unless your phones are tapped by the FBI ;) and they are now watching your every move because you did lsd!!! haha JK!!!!!!!! sorry i had to throw a joke in
  8. Basically I have only a little experience with mushrooms, acid, and 2c-e however I have a lot of experiece with DMT which is probably just about as intence as anything can get. What I have learnt is that you can't propperly control an intence experience, so what bother trying, its stressfull and only makes things worse. What is far easier and better is to just relax and briefly remind yourself that you are only on a drug so whats the worse that can happen. I have never had a propperly bad trip by doing this and i find reminding myself I am on drugs tames everything exept the most savage K-holes where you can't even remember you are on drugs.
  9. For your anxiety I'd try and find some Kpins or Xanax. Good Luck, hope you feel better.
  10. haha dude DMT is fucking nuts!
    and i dont mean to sound like im clowning on what you said but i think its funny that you say whats the worse that can happen because my friend was on 6 hits and he decided to dip on us...needless to say the cops found him running down the center divider of the 805 freeway in his underwear....ohh yeah this was on new years eve. haha sorry but it reminded me of a funny moment in my life
  11. can you go into more details of the trip where/when you felt panic/uneasy. that doesnt give much of a description, just that sounds more like an anxious paranoia during the trip instead of ego death or derealization. ive had a few horrible times, and a bunch of amazing ones. ive experienced ego death and derealization and they are life changing experiences that can be very frightening or very helpful.
  12. lol i barely ever feel uneasy of acid unless im in a situation where im really even when i was on acid the other night and i was driving i didnt feel uneasy lol...i always have feeling on uneasiness on shrooms a short periood almost every time i take em
  13. You should be fine. When you do a drug, a lot of the time you do feel kind of differently afterwards. I think this is because you experience something so intense and it's a lot for a human being to handle and then just be fine. I can't really put it into words... like I said though, you should be OK.
  14. Have you tried taking some B-3? The "flushless" kind is preferable. I can't advise on dosing due to forum rules but a standard ammount (check the bottle).
    Hofmann collection - LSD-induced psychosis and vitamin B3
  15. All great advice. Though I find myself wary of taking further drugs to make myself feel any better.. that's just something that the trip has frightened me from doing. I was thinking I would try some meditating for starters at least though.

    Some of the responses have asked for me to be more specific.. so, just to clarify, the feelings I've been having are mostly questioning, like "well what if I have some sort of ptsd, or some negative effects that will stick with me for a long time? Though I will try not to be a hypocondriac here, I guess I am just sort of freaked out by the thought of LSD induced psychosis...

    My biggest question is, do people who have strong anxiety a day or two after a trip generally develop LSD psychosis? I can't shake the feeling that things feel out of whack, like my emotional state is changed for the negative. Have any of you guys felt this way the day after, then just rebounded after some time back to the way you always knew yourself feeling?
  16. By "LSD Psychosis" that very old study simply means "bad trip". Actual long term psychosis from ingesting LSD is so rare there is much debate if it even exists.
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    alright now i get what youre asking. and yes. what happen is it affected your perception, this is what lsd does. it does it during the trip, and affects you enough that aspects will stay with you. after my first times i would still gaze in wonder pretty much, at all the things around me. notice things i never really did before.

    while with a bad time, i was left shaken and disturbed. that hasnt completely left me yet, but its more in the back of my mind and the thoughts come out every now and then. i dont see it in a negative way anymore though. before i understood what happened (or think i understood what happened) i was still pretty freaked out by it. what i did to help get rid of my fears and anxiety of what happened was do it again in the same situation. i dosed again about 2 weeks later, same setting, same everything pretty much. except this time i focused on what i needed to do and figure out, and it all changed. its hard to sum up

    just think about what happened and how the aspects of the trip relate to things going on in your life or mind. issues with something or someone (other ppl or yourself). i dont mean you have to drop acid again to figure it out, its what i had to do to reassure and fix the problems for myself.

  18. Yeah man that sounds like one of the best solutions: confronting any fear you have head-on. Though, as I've said, for me, I think I'll lay off any drugs to recover. I feel like any problems I have from this can be dealt with in the psyche. It's some complex shit that I feel like nobody--no scientists, nor psychologists--truly understand(s), and I just don't want to risk anything else with a drug this powerful. Moreover, don't want to give myself more to fear, i.e., ingest more of what caused this fear to come out of me in the first place, you know? Thanks for the advice, it's been really helpful for me to hear from people who have experienced this sort of thing.
  19. But if you sit down relax and breath in a relaxing way that will never happen. I dunno trippy drugs don't seem to effect me mentally that bad though.

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