Tripped balls!

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  1. So I can finally say I tripped balls from being very high, without having a panic attack. I thought I could probably clear a whole bowl out of my new bubbler to myself being my tolerance has been going up. Tolerance to the high that is, I still get messed up off small amounts.

    In any case, I clear the entire well packed bowl minus one hit to my girl so she could sleep better. I start playing some music, tried to play Minecraft but had absolutely no concept about what was going on at the time, then I decided to watch some music videos.

    At this point I have Losing My Religion by R.E.M. stuck in my head terribly, so I decided to look that up first. That may have been a mistake. I was sitting here watching this video, and had no fucking clue what was going on whatsoever. Now I realize after watching it sober finally, it didn't make sense anyway, but I watched that video like 12 times before I gave up trying to figure out what the hell was going on in it.

    So finally I think I'm coming down because I start to feel tired, and go lay down, put some earbuds in and listen to music from my MP3 player. All the sudden I feel like I am slowly spinning around in every which direction right up until I fell asleep.

    That was the most amazing high EVER.
  2. Completely agreed.

    Last time I tripped out was not fun. Extreme Deja Vu like I had dreamed all of this before, which actually happens to me sober too, but was much worse high. When I drove home my dash and steering wheel and my hands were claymation, and everything outside the car had a thick black outline like a comic book or the game borderlands. I was scared pretty bad that time being I didn't know you could "trip out" on it
  3. Nice and saturated, eh? A good high is [sometimes] all we need!

    Last time I "tripped balls" on bud it was nauseating. Took a huge rip from a double-stacked bong setup and nearly coughed out a lung holding onto the sink edge. As the night progressed, my old landlord was giving a lecture to a group of tenants and I sat there trying to listen while trying to keep my eyes open. To begin with, I was starving and low on food at the time so that didn't help the cravings. The high was pretty intense overall as my eyelids sank over and over while whoooooa'ing around. CEV description? A house of cards falling through a mountain while a magic eye design coarsed through birds flying over a crowd of goons.

    Yeah, it was pretty fucked.
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    trip balls you say ?

    oh man, try riding a bike while baked. Now i know that generally that is a bad idea, but such were the circumstances (as in, i took the risk)

    so, i went to work with my bike that day, and decided to take mah little ass plastic bong (30 cm) and some 0,25 g of the green stuff. My work place is near the railroad, and i found no quiet place to toke up, so i had to cross the huge railroad(s) (with my bike, and there were like 5 -6 rails at the spot). There i found a nice spot surrounded by tall grass and in the shade from the hot summer sun.

    So, i had time so i decided to divide the 0,25 into 4 parts, so i can smoke longer and not cough (note, i always cough, since im not an everyday smoker and i swim n sht, so i keep my lungs clean in general. oh and 0,25 g for me is quite a lot for a single sesh). Anyway, it was awesome, im smokin, some music playin, sun shining.. in other words best after-work time ive ever had.

    And here comes the reason for this post. Then i had to go home (8km ride on a bike) and i had to hurry up to meet my girl on time. So just as i leave my spot, two things happen: one, i find out that i can barely walk, and two, i see a long ass train coming and gently slowing down (its one of those oil transport trains) and i think to my self "shit, maybe i can make it in front of this" lol i decided not to do it, there were like 5 rails, no way i could have made it.

    So i had to go around the back and it was long... then once im finally on the road i understand that i have no idea of what is going on, some cars are passing, i hear my music playing from the pocket (loudspeaker) and its trippin me the fuck out. i tried looking back a few times while riding and i wobbled like hell, after those moments i briefly came back from outerspace and realised "shit this is dangerous". then i dont remember a lot of the ride, besides going to the other side of the road ,since there were lots of stairs and shit on my side lol. oh and i had THE single worst case of dry mouth ever. also i remember going down from one hill and imagining that im in nfs carbon and drafting some other bike, which i decided to race down hill (another smart decision) then i somehow got home.... UNINJURED.

    P.S. i remember that i tripped a lot while thinking up lots of conspiracy theories which made total sense back then, unfortunatelly i dont recall any of them. In any case, im still surprised how i did not fall of my bike during this epic(ly dangerous) trip.

    the end
  5. Come back to me when you actually 'trip balls' ...
  6. lol you don't trip balls from weed.
  7. You don't trip on weed sorry to break it to you.

    Under age post? I think so
  8. [quote name='"DrazyHaze"']You don't trip on weed sorry to break it to you.

    Under age post? I think so[/quote]

    Ahahaha if you could trip balls on weed....I think id be less broke...

  9. when ur in the woods by yourself and you dodge tree trunks that look like people sleeping then walk onto a stretch of beach filled with multicolored neon chickenwire, you my freind are tripping balls..
  10. I saw your title and i almost forgot it but ok tripped balls? im high n gunna make a few threads. This shit is fucking maazing without an a cause im a d nbag.
    Goodbye <3
  11. [quote name='"Skunk Dank"']I saw your title and i almost forgot it but ok tripped balls? im high n gunna make a few threads. This shit is fucking maazing without an a cause im a d nbag.
    Goodbye <3[/quote]

    what did i just read?
  12. 2ce ask yo dealah cuhz
  13. son you didn't trip balls fuck man you just got high. wait till you are 15+ and do some real drugs then you will see trippin balls. i thought i tripped balls on weed too when i was your age, and then i'll never forget the night i was on the way to wal-mart in a car tripping face yelling AM I REAL?

    if you're wondering why i was going to walmart, well my babysitter thought it would be a good idea to take me and my other buddy who was tripping face there at midnight, to get the movie paul. Somehow I managed to find a big bag of doritos and got my babysitter to buy them LMAO, we went home and watched that shit and i ate my doritos and it was the best night ever,

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