Triplets? From the same stem?

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  1. Hello. I am new here and new to growing. I have a 5' Jack Herer plant in my backyard that's gone from indoor and outdoor randomly (weather). It's budding up real nice now though. However, I just set up a grow tent with a purple kush plant and three gorilla glue plants. I had one GG seed that spawned two separate plants and i had to separate them, however they didn't survive it. So, I get the idea of twins and what to do with them. This is VERY different I think...

    I have one seedling growing that seems to be spawning three separate plants, but from the same stem (the same root system) like siamese twins, or triplets in this case. I've looked this up as much as I can and can only find stories of twins that were separated, but not from the same root. I'm including a few pictures to show. Also, it's hard to see, but on the far left it looks like there might actually be a fourth growing.

    Am I just a complete noob or is this something I should consider cloning in case it's some amazing mutant?

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  2. Following. Be interesting to hear about this.
  3. My guess is that something (a bug?) may have damaged the growth tip of your plant and something like FIMing occurred. See Fim? for photos of early FIMing.

  4. polyploid.
  5. Gesundheit.

  6. I had it on a tomatoe plant before. did not took long to realize why all plant do not grow this way. Really, 2 set of leaves at a time for a plant is best for light penetration and growth speed. Fruit were smaller an plant was shorter.

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