Triple The Dose of LSD

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  1. I took 3 tabs of LSD about 2 hours ago, and smoked 3 bowls of Colombian Gold out of my bong.


    P.S: They were 125 micrograms per tab.
  2. You sound like you have some fun in store for you.
    I just have a question. How did you know they were 125 mikes a tab?
  3. Good Vibes yo way :hello:

  4. My guy has Liquid LSD and he measured out 375 micrograms in an eye dropper and put it on the tabs.
  5. how did he measure liquid lsd in weight lol
  6. Lucky you, enjoy yourself man, I know you will.
  7. thats also what i wanna know
  8. beats me but im having fun.
  9. goodjob dude...success!
  10. hellz yeah

  11. grams are mass not weight, but yea that is weird either way
  12. Woooo!!! I'm still flying!
  13. Hell ya, sounds like a fuckin good time
  14. how you doin OP?
  15. Just woke up, went to bed around 5 AM.

    That was fucking awesome! I'm going to pick up 8 more while it's still around. How long does acid last before becoming less potent.
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    Bleezie I was talking to my dealers and they said a HUGE shipment just came in TODAY. Like 1,000's and 1,000's and Pokeballs, sheets, mushies and apparently a shitload of some crazy neocoke.

    This is gonna be a fun last three weeks of summer.

    To SF, that is.

    Edit: I had to go through two guys. The first one we were just sitting in some restaurant waiting until he got it, and he walks into the restaurant so we can roll to his house. Apparently he has a warrant out for his arrest so as soon as he walks in some FED's, not local cops, DEA agents bust in and arrest him. Was kinda scary considering he had oodles of O's in his car. They tried pulling constructive possession on us, but my guy said "I'll take the blame, there just kids." So I am looking forward to him getting off.

    He does have his medical card, but they know he deals.

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