triple perc inline bong wont hit?

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  1. Alright so last night I picked up some bud and me and my friend were ripping my bong. After I take my hit, I pass it to my friend and it didn't hit at all. He had to pull like crazy just to get it to bubble slightly and he couldn't clear it. Any suggestions?
  2. was your slide clogged, is anything clogged? If not try lower water levels, or just don't put water in some of the perks. tripple perks are notorious for horrible drag, so not using 1 of them may help. Sounds like you had a clog or water too high though.

  3. I don't think the water level miraculously rose after OP took his hit and passed it.

    A clog is the most likely reason. How clean is the piece, OP?
  4. Maybe his friend's a little bitch?
  5. lol^

    probably clogged.
  6. Clogged percs. Check the slits or whatever you're rockin in that tube, yo.

    Notorious for happening in a group sesh with a lesser-quality bong.

  7. Well yeah, but his friend may actually just have trouble pulling hard, and he may not have a problem with it...aka he may be being a little bitch. no offense op, but ya never know.
  8. i see you live near me,

    want me to come take a toke, I mean look and figure out your problem :p

    reppin the Queen City area as well I see.

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