Triple Natural Perc

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  1. Well it's been a couple months and i'm so glad to have this piece... it's not the most artistic bubbler by any means but after having 20+ custom units in this price range filled with water had to have it..



  2. Explain to me where it percs
  3. Same place the water goes. On the inside.

    Op, sick ass bubb.
  4. Natural Perc = no down stem it can be compared to just sucking outta a straw water wants to come right up out into your mouth but by design is stopped... water percs up both black arms on the side and even the colored center section if I understand right..
  5. I don't understand how the bubbler works but it sure is sick looking!
  6. Lol i know how a natural perc works, i just dont see where itd perc 3 times naturally
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    Figured as much that you were tryin to bait me mr science guy.. haha, figured not everyone stumbling upon this may be as knowledge versed as you.

    That dirty salesman at the LHS called it a triple natural perc.. even knocked over a full bill off the sticker price to make it seem tooo good to be true..that no good sob, so what is it a "double [natural] perc" ? Or can u even call a natural perc "double, triple.. w.e" come to think of it.. what happens scientifically when you put water in the doughnut..whats the deal someones spreadin wives tails:poke:

    All I know for sure it sounds like a flippin harley davidson when u clear this beast... ;)


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