Triple Honeycomb Bong? Thoughts

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  1. Im thinking about getting this? does the honeycomb art on the top look good or bad i really tell if it will look good in person, what do you think?
    what do you think i should pay for it ?(its new)


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  2. Too many disks, I think it will lead to problems, try a single like mine [​IMG]
  3. And I thought my bathroom was messy! :laughing:
  4. Lol that's the cleaning sink for glass, the bathroom counter has two sinks in it, the other one is neat.
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    the triple does seem like a bit of overkill

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    i have one with one honey comb and ice notches aswell its about 17 inches tall i payed 40$ i feel like the other 2 would not do anything its just difusing the smoke no need to do that 3 times just my thought but it looks nice

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