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Triple C's

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by J SiZ, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. I'm not sure where you got that number...and if you've ever done a CWE, you know how hard it is to properly separate what you want from what you do not want
  2. my friend ended up in the hospital with seizures after doing some triple c's

    don't do them.
  3. You sound like your a fucking freshman in highschool cause your friends are straight up stupid and don't realize the dangers. Two of my friends that did CCC multiple times had to go to the hospital from taking nine of them only 9. I've done them myself and it was when i was like 15 or 16 and i gagged nothing up for 2 hours and tried to jump in front of a car because i wanted too die cause they made me so sick. And usually the people claiming too take 20+ of them are liars. You would have to take them all the time to build a tolerance up to take that many w/o dying. And since you have the attitude I don;t give a fuck what you say, it won't change my decision take only 8 and you should get pretty fucked up. But I will straight up laugh my ass off if you end up getting a horrible trip because those red little pills are evil.
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    CCCs can cause permanent damage. Just because you're not getting sick doesn't mean your body isn't getting silently fucked up.

    On the other hand, CCCs do have a noticeably different trip than other forms of DXM, so I can understand why some people may choose to use them though it is still a terrible idea.

    "And usually the people claiming too take 20+ of them are liars. You would have to take them all the time to build a tolerance up to take that many w/o dying."

    No, actually I used to take 32 at a time (two boxes) and it wasn't a terrible experience. Not to say that it wasn't a retarded thing to do though, because it was.
  5. And to dbomber i meant to say most people that I used to know would say like 48 and shit. And damn dude two boxes must hav been insane did you have a tolerance to them when you dosed that high?:confused:
  6. I know some kid who did triple c's and after he couldn't piss for a week.
  7. wow man your really just don't get it do you? taking 16 of any thing cant be good for you, but adding tripple c's to it is just stupid man, just pass on the tripple c's till you can get JUST dxm or somthing safer to put in yout body, or at least read up on whats inside those pills and understand what it will do to your body and why we are telling you not to do it.

    have fun and be safe :wave:

  8. Yeah, I had quite a tolerance, probably about 50 "trips" and about as many low dose experiences. I only started doing CCCs because I was roommates with two guys who only used them. I started out strictly robogels because I did a lot of research beforehand, but eventually started tripping CCCs eventually because of the different trip experience. I converted my buddies to Robo eventually though and I started to only use CCCs as a booster.
  9. The most I did was 16 and that was all I'll ever need and don't plan on doing it again. Even though they have a high amount of DXM per pill, I prefer to use the cough gels for the elimination of any unnessasary substances.

    After about the 10th time i dosed with CCC I would violently throw up and be sick as shit for the duration of the entire trip:(. Now any time I think of the nasty taste I gag, and when I see the box i get a memory of how nauseaus I felt.

    I definately know I did some brain-damage and some internal organ damage for about a month after my last dose.
  10. like im willing to take take the ban for calling u a moron op.

  11. D000D for one idk where you got that number. but anyways D000000000d WHY are you so goddamn set on getting the triple c's? cant you see that it's just as easy to get the other stuff?

    no matter how many times the people on this board tell you, you seem to still be sticking to your plan.

    if you dont want to hear the facts and good info the people on this board provide, then dont post. 95% of the people who replied to your thread are trying to help you out by giving you good information to steer you in the right direction.

    jee wizz.
  12. OP:

    Solution to not using CCC's:

    Since you're 18, I'm assuming you're allowed to drive your car or your parents' car. So, simply drive the car to a drug store... buy Robitussin Cough Long-Acting Liquid (or other only-dxm drug)... and there you go.
  13. My guess is his friend isn't planning on paying for them, and triple c's are easy to just go in and grab. I've seen people that will go in and jack 4 boxes of that stuff at a time because its easy to hide. People like that aren't going to stop and take the time to read the label on the back of a bunch of boxes. I don't think this kid is going to be smart and listen to us.
  14. I don't understand this guy at all.

    There are DXM pills like Triple C's with shit in them THAT WILL HARM AND POSSIBLY KILL YOU.
    Then there are DXM pills with ONLY DXM.

    Yet you would rather take Triple C's.

    My mind is boggled.

    It's exactly like the idiots who pop a bunch of painkillers without doing a CWE to get rid of the possibly lethal amounts of acm/pcm.

    Don't be a fucking idiot and get some clean pills.
  15. dude please dont do them.doin 16 is retarted and you WILL get sick.i've done them twice and they FUCK you up.they make you feel like shit for like the whole next day.they made me pee out brown dont do them.my friend actually had a heart attack from taking them and died for a minute(im not joking).i was actually with him when he was trippin before all that.he was so fucked up he didnt know what was goin on.i was actually trippin on acid and i was just liek this kid is so much more fucked up than me....like i dont even feel acid fucks you up its just an awesome experience.but anyways,his hearts all fucked up now.dont do them please.just take robotussin or just straight up dxm.
  16. oh and if i recall he took 16 cause theres only 18 in a pack and he had 2 left over.he had the last 2 in his pocket and he kept taking them out and was like"didnt i take these" and we all told him that he only took 16.he did that exact thing like every 5-10 minutes.he was straight up fucked.
  17. Ok bro i have to be blunt on this one. 1. Your friend is a dumbass. 2. Stay the fuck away from triple C's. Ill tell you about my experience with triple c's aka dirty skittles. Me and a few friends decided we were going to try them after hearing a few people talk about them. Lets just say we took a helluva lot more than the reccomended dose. After about an hour the initial effects started to hit and i have to be honest, it kinda felt like a mellow body roll. Everything was good for about 45 minutes and then all of a sudden i got very hot. I was burning up, i was covered in sweat from head to toe. About this time i started getting the shakes and i was very disorientated. The disorientation i was feeling was confusion. I didnt know what the hell to do. Ok by now im realizing this may not have been a good idea and i try to calm myself because if i start panicing then its only gonna make things worse but i wasnt able to all i can remember is saying that i thought my heart was gonna explode. My heart has never beat that fast not even on coke or meth. It literally felt like it was coming out of my chest. So finally one of our friends brings us back to my apartment so we can ride out the effects. It was a very horrible sick feeling. I would be very careful messing with triple c's. Ive talked to alot of people about them and i have not heard very many good stories. Do what you gotta do but be careful bro...
  18. OP

    I have to agree with everyone else here, when they say you're not really using your brain (neither is your friend).

    I also have to say, that because you cannot go get the pills yourself, that you are not of age to be on this site (you have to be 18 to purchase the pills, and if you really were 19, you'd be able to go get them yourself - instead of HAVING to sending your friend).

    So I am sorry sir, but you are going to be banned, now, for being underage. Your story does not match up. You're 19, but yet you're grounded, and you also JUST graduated HS?? Either that's a 1 in a million coincidence (having started school late, failed a year, AND having insane parents who think they should be allowed to ground an adult), or you're really like 16 or something.

    Please do not be stupid and take CCC's.

    The reason CCC's "fuck you up more" is because of the other chemicals in them. The feeling you get from CCC's is basically your body fighting off being poisoned. Or in other-words, it's your body fighting to stay alive.

    If you eat CCC's, after being given all this info about them, then I would seriously nominate you for the Darwin Awards...
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