triple c's??

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  1. hey i was just wondering about them...i was wondering how long the trip or the high on them was supposed to last? i heard that it was like an acid trip is this true? how many do i take..and why do people steal them...cant you just buy them or do they like keep track of that shit when u buy it lol srry about all the questions but i just wanted to know all this before i did it thanks alot
  2. never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever try to trip on triple C's. It's way to dangerous, often unpleasant, and there are much easier ways to go about tripping on DXM (the ingredient that makes you trip)

    Go for the robitussin cough gels, make sure they only have DXM (dextromethorphan) and nothing else. 20 15mg gel caps should be sufficient for your first time.

    as far as the trip, it's dissassociative, itchy, hot, confusing, and physically a lot like being very very drunk. While it is a dissassociative, you may feel extreme empathy towards others, strongly desire someone to talk to or be with, etc.

    always research drugs before you do them...
  3. Definatly dont use the CCC brand. They have several ingredients when taken in large amounts are very bad on your liver and other organs i'm sure. It may also make you vomit a lot. It made me puke definatly. Oh I did trip though was very fucked up all day long and didnt want to move and shit. Use dxm only brands.
  4. yeah man, definetly not fun at all
  5. triple c's for the lose
    dxm only syrup/pills for the win!

    why can't people remember this?
  6. I don't think it is that he can't remember, I think it is that he is new to DXM in general. Atleast he is taking the time to ask rather than just taking CCC's

    As everyone else said, stay away from CCC's. If you want to trip on DXM, take products that contain ONLY DXM as the active ingredient, such as CVS max strength tussin, or the robitussin cough gels
  7. yeah im new to this im just askin questions before i do it so that i know what im doing thanks alot guys how long does the trip last btw thanks alot
  8. 2.5-4.5 hours is the general period for me to go until I am back to a normal, able to walk about again state
  9. hey and also..are you sure i should take 20 of the robitussin cough gels cause my friend says he took 7 triple c's the first time but u guys are saying that robitussin is better to take so how many? thanks alot
  10. i robo tripped once, and i got all super itchy and stuff. so i stopped.
  11. i trip on the caugh jells and never once been even a tiny bit itchy or hot. confused as hell and cant walk worth a damn, yes. but not itchy and hot.
  12. How about using the Search Button Feature?

    Stop making repeated threads!!!

    EDIT: Triple C's contain other active ingedeitns other than DXM, find one with JUST DXM as the active ingredient
  13. Id advise to u to take the straight up cough syrup. With the pills you cant be ensured that all the DXM will be active at the same time, you end up with a mild trip for a longer period of time.

    Chug a bottle of Robitussin.

    It tastes like ass candy but itll get you trippin.
  14. Let me tell you a story...

    Back in my freshman year of highschool, i decided to buy some triple c's and take them at school. I took 9. All I basicly remember is taking them in the bathroom and passing out in gym class. The nurse sent me home because i had " intense nausia" lol. CCC's can often lead to a crazy bad trip that you dont want. I suggest DXM instead. Much safer.

    Happy trippin'

    Hamsandwich = P

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