Tripiest thing you've seen..

Discussion in 'General' started by Bingongie420, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. WHATS THE TRIPIEST THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN MAN?? mine would deffinitly have to be when i smoked 4 bowls of this laced weed taht my good friend got me, i was in the woods walking back to my house and the leaves looked like doritos and everything was the color orange then i fell and knocked over a tree (not a very big one of course) then woke up 15 or so minutes later and walked back home..ahh good times..i hope to see more trippier things when i try shrooms for the 1st time this week. peace!!
  2. I would have to say seeing the facial images of bob marley and jimi hendrix morph into and out of each other in the woodwork on the side of the apartments at school. I couldnt get over all the different sizes and angles of the two of them right in front of my eyes. I stared at the side of the building for a good hour or so. nah, I wasnt on drugs LOL
  3. what is mush?
  4. Mushies, you know- 'shrooms.
  5. I smoked a blunt of some real HQ bud with my buddies at the state park near my house.

    Kept seeing these little creatures in the edges of my vision.

    I hadn't seen it then, but the monkey gods in "princess mononoke" look almost exactly like what I saw.

    Completely black humanoid figures with glowing red eyes. They were all crouching.

    I was so baked. These creatures scared the shit outta me because they could travel as fast as my eyes. They kept moving so that they were always in my peripheral vision.

    Smoking in the forest is great, but it always ends up scaring the shit outta me once i'm sufficiently baked.

    I tried shrooms once and didn't feel anything (i only took 2g). Has anyone actually seen open-eyed visuals from them?

  6. Oh ya ... oops. Well, I envy you.
  7. how much shrooms did you eat? i was thinking of getting some and if i did it would be an 8th, is that enough to trip? its gonna be my first time trying physicaldelic (dunno how to spell) drugs. thanks. peace.
  8. wow. i haven't been to the city in awhile.

    the most fucked up thing that i can remember seeing was once i was driving back from my friends house really baked and my friend emily was in the passenger's seat sleeping. everytime i saw her out of my peripheral vision, it looked like she was like.....rotting. it was crazy and then i kept thinking i saw aliens all around the road. i almost had to pull over....but i made it home ok
  9. probably like a hella long stage 5 salvia hit. I was like walking around, then I would wake up and Go walk around and then wake up again, then walk around and wake up again. I probaly did that like 50 times. I was so fucked mentally for like a week wondering if This was all just adrem and was going to wake up from it.:smoke:

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