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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by myoldid, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. I bought a couple grams from a new source. Was more expensive than what I'm used to at 0.8 g no-name dimebags.
    Frostier than most mids by a long shot. Bud structure is decent though maybe harvested a little too early judging by some extremely light coloured hairs. Smell is nothing too pungent, reminds me of some light-smelling afghani. Better than average mids but definitely not as dank as other bud I've had before.
    When vaped I just get a standard heavy indica buzz. This is my preferred method of administration.
    However I tried smoking one bowl of it out of a bong yesterday. At first I just got the normal indica body buzz, couchlock and all that. Started getting hungry, which is nothing unusual either so I started to eat a bagel. A little less than an hour after smoking I feel the strong urge to just lie down and pass out.
    I don't even finish my bagel and lie in my bed. For the most part immobile, unable to leave the bed and I have some serious audial delusions. Imagine music playing when nothing is really playing, strange noises, voices.
    A very dissociative experience, for 5 hours I had a very hard time determining reality, and unable to leave my bed. Finally I was able to get up to go to the washroom, very disoriented still but at least able to get up albeit with a headache and dizziness.
    Went back to sleep afterwards 17 hours after first smoking I woke up again, still slightly disoriented.
    I don't think this is normal bud. I never had this sort of feeling like I did when I smoked this bud.
    I've had other strains where I vaped and smoked the bud, it feels pretty much identical except the flavour is better when vaped and less harsh.
    The thing that concerns me the most is that it feels very different between vaping this bud and smoking it, leaving me to think there might be impurities.

    tl;dr smoked new bud, typical indica feel when vaped. Smoked that shit and tripped balls.
  2. My question I guess would be, why do I feel such a big difference between vaping and smoking this particular bud?
  3. you're just hella fucking high

    drop some acid or eat some shrroms, then you'll know what it's like to really trip

    To answer your question, it might be just that you're not used to your new method of thc consumption.
    so it had a different effect on you than usual
  4. I've done psychs before. Tripping isn't anything really new to me, but never with just bud.

    It could be the different consumption method, but I have smoked and vaped previous pickups and they feel pretty much the same. I've smoked far greater amounts of danker bud and never really experienced something like this.
  5. Sometimes, you just get higher than other times. Everyone and every session is different.
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    I must be tripping 24/7 then!

    yup do drugs in moderation kids!!!

    Good description, though. I just can't help, because this happens to me all the time. Especially when I am lying down like you were.

    It does sound like there might have been a research chemical perhaps on your bud. I've heard of people putting that crap on buds to make them seem stronger. Also, the effects are different. There are tons of synthesized cannabinoids now days... there is no telling. You said they looked too frosty... so.... You are the best judge in this case.
  7. How harsh was the hit?

    I'm not sure how it would work if DMT was vaped, but hypothetically if the hit was harsh (as DMT is) then it could maybe quite possibly be laced w/ DMT. That would also explain the 'extra' frost.

    And very small amounts of DMT may be able to produce effects like what you experience. Though, only 30-50mg of DMT would produce a full-blown trip. So it would have to more like 5-15mg in your weed.
  8. we can't talk about that here.... and you have no idea what you are talking about anyways.... he was talking hours.... not minutes.
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    The hit was quite harsh, immediately after that one bowl I coughed several times. Some residual irritation still persists in my throat almost a full day since.
    I've never really tried synthetic cannabinoids so I'm not sure if it was responsible. It seems possible.

    Guess I should just stick to my tried and true source, I normally get a better deal too.

    In the name of science, I might try smoking it again and see if similar effects are found. Maybe I can convince a buddy to try it too.
  10. Get someone else to smoke it. For science!
  11. nobody would wasste their good dimitri like that

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