Trip to Utopia [Easton,PA]

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by surfing4ever24, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Decided to post story about my trip to Utopia this weekend, it was pretty chill. Supposed to pick up my friends around 130, but got them around 2, typical stoner :smoking: So instead of taking the quick way straight up 611 I take the long way up river road. I'm just gonna leave it that it was a fun ride up, made a wrong turn ended up taking us an extra half hour to get there. So we finally get to Easton, and I have to go around a roundabout, never been through one of them before, so I merge into it and start driving. And there's sidestreets on like every corner with a stoplight. And I'm driving around trying to figure out which fucking street I have to turn off of. On my way around there's a cop sitting in this parking lot watching the roundabout. And so I'm driving around and the lights all turn red, but i'm already confused as fuck and I just keep driving, passed through 2 red lights :confused: and finally stop at the third one like parrallel to the cop, and I look at him and he's just looking at me and I'm sweating like a mofo. He doesn't do anything I guess he knew we didn't know what the fuck was up, and we take the next street and find a parking lot. Turns out we took the wrong street and had to walk like 200yds to get there. Finally get there, and i guess the original store closed, and they moved down the road, so we walked down the block. I went in bought my first bong a little glass foot tall thing. I also got a slider for my homemade bong project(original reason I went there). Drove home like a jackass and toked it up all weekend. :smoking:
  2. LOL sounds like a trip man. At least you had some fun ;)

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