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Trip to Toronto (to replace a broken RooR)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BennyOh, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Hey GC, you might remember my orange label RooR I posted about 2 months ago. If not, here's a link

    Well, unfortunately Chaosbunny got drunk one night and decided to hide it behind a hot tub. He then managed to knock it over an hour later. This is what it looks like now.

    So we have decided to throw down like $500 and purchase something even better. I went to Toronto last year for the Cleveland Indians series and we plan to do the same this year. We were planning on spending a few hours in liquid chrome to pick out a replacement. I am currently debating between another RooR or a Toro.

    What I would like to know is any information regarding the following
    • Bringing stem across the us/canada border (peace bridge near buffalo)
    • how you guys like liquid chrome
    • making a purchase of stem in toronto

    Thanks, and keep :smoking:
    Coming to watch the indians get snuffed eh? :rolleyes:

    On to the info:
    1. Dont bring bud across the border, just please dont. better to be safe then sorry, and buds cheaper here anyways.

    2. I've never been. And i've lived here all my life. So it cant be thatttttttt dope. website looks good though. Hit up THC at Yonge/Bloor, theres also the vapour lounge there where you can bring your own stash and either hit their bongs that they have, or hit the volcanoes/vapour daddys that are all over the place. There is also the Kindred cafe, and sacred seed (both affiliated with THC) in the same area

    3. ez as shit.

    any more questions? i have msn pm me yours.
  2. oh god its in barrie. why even make that trek ahah

  3. Lol I used to live right next to barrie.

    In washington state now though :(
  4. When you say its easy to get bud in Toronto, how does a tourist go about getting some?
  5. i like that site very helpful....
  6. my buddy brought a half o in an altoid tin and some other tin type things in his pockets from Toronto to upstate NY and did not get caught....

  7. reech vapor lounge you could prob find some, if not anywhere on queen or yonge st. im sure u can find some bud
  8. Liquid Chrome is pretty good, although they definitely lack good glass. If you go there expect to spend 500+ on a decent RooR since its sort of overpriced. They don't have a wide selection of real Glass on Glass, its mostly China glass from what I remember, but apparently they recently renovated. (and got more glass)

    If you dont go to Liquid Chrome, hit up Yonge street in Toronto, THC, Friendly Stranger, Jupiter, Cloud 9, etc. Lots of stores to choose from in Toronto, you will always leave with a new bong. Let us know what you decide to purchase!

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