Trip to Tennessee Pot Cave

Discussion in 'General' started by Lil Loko, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Not sure if it's been posted before, but it's really interesting. I'm sure yall heard the story / seen the pictures, of the TN pot cave that was busted a couple years ago. I guess they have it open to the public to visit or an attraction. Check it this guy goes inside and explores it.

    TN Pot Cave - Part 1

    TN Pot Cave - Part 2
  2. I want a pot cave...
  3. the pot cave is just an hour or two from me
  4. i seen that shit on the news along time ago, props to this guy
    how did he get caught again though?

  5. Too much electricity usage. He tapped into high voltage lines and kept killing a large switch because of his high usage for such a non high use area. Brought some smart people out and they found his illegal splice and got a warrant. Busted.
  6. ^^^ which is why you don't steal from the electricity company... i would guess that is the way most commercial indo growers get caught.

  7. Yeah, the guy that did the vids said the grower should've used solar panels or generators...and he had neither!
  8. hehe had he just payed his power bills he would have been fine. he was growing enough to profit easy and power usage doe snot tip off cops like most says it does.

    with an op that big im sure had some generators and shit for extra power i guess he just got greedy, thats when they ALL go down
  9. Actually believe it or not, if they suspect your house is a grow op, they can use a machine
    that lets them know if you are using excessive amounts of lights and power in one room,
    and if you are that gives them the right to get a warrant to search your house. Can you believe that shit?
  10. Yes, thats reason to believe your growing pot. Of course there going to investigate.

    Incase people dont remember, pot is illegal.
  11. What if I just like bright lights on all the time in one room. ;)
  12. Anyone know how much light would be considered "too much"...enough for people to get nosey / authorities to check into?!

    Like how high would your electric bill have to be?!
  13. bump...curious w/ that question ^^^
  14. I think a good question would be:

    How can I build me one of those?
  15. HAha.... They just left the whole grow op minus the plants... inviting much? whoever buys that will totally grow weed...
  16. Batman
    Cool tube:)
    That"s fucking insane but I wonder how the plants got to 6" with the flourecents that far away:confused:
  17. I'm guessing if you have a thousand dollar monthly electric bills at a residential house, it might raise some eyebrows.

    I'm not sure how much would be considered "too much" however.

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