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***Trip to Amsterdam Cannabis Cup 2010***

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AlwaysHi, May 25, 2010.

  1. The 2010 Cannabis Cup is being held November 21st-25th in Amsterdam as always.
    Who wants to go??

    Myself and a couple friends are planning a trip to go all week, but before we start buying tickets and all that, we want to hear from people who have already been or are planning to go this year as well. Our trip (so far) consists of us staying from the 20th-26th and all of us would be purchasing judges passes for the week.

    We would be flying out of Orlando or Miami FL
    Last year we priced it out at like $1000 a person, thats hotel for the week, airfare and the $250 judges pass. I would plan on bringing quite a bit of spending money, there is a lot of bud to try. :smoking: :hello:
  2. How much is bud on top of Judge passes and such?

    Sounds like great idea, I'm considering but education won't let me go over there!:(
  3. I could be damn down.
  4. My friend brought back a menu from one of the coffeeshops and showed me but I cant remember how much it is.

    We should see how many people from grasscity go up there and meet up. lol :smoking:
  5. $1000 dollars a person for a week? Including airfare? Not happening I'm afraid.
    Everything in Amsterdam is pretty expensive.

    6 nights in a dirt cheap hostel: $180
    Passes: $250
    Food: At least $150
    Weed: Anything from $9-$20 a gram

    That leaves $420 for airfare, all the weed and other things.

    Bear in mind I spent about $450 in 4 days while I was there.
  6. #6 AlwaysHi, May 26, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 26, 2010
    we priced it out on like orbitz and hotwire, it came out to like 1080 a person for 6nights in the bulldog in the red light district and roundtrip plane tickets, between 3 people. I plan on bringing atleast a grand for spending money
  7. Hey man I just got back from a trip to Amsterdam and hammy is right, it's a very expensive place. You can drop 100 euro in a few short hours and with the cup and everything you'll probably be spending even more than that. Save more if you can swing it.

    Oh and Bulldog is overrated. Grey Area was sweet and any of the "Greenhouse" coffeeshops are legit. Bluebird is the scariest thing in the world.
  8. I will see you there bro, I have went every year since 2003.

    I personally stay with friends in rotterdam and then commute by train to amsterdam for the fun.

    When it gets closer feel free to PM me if you want to meet up in a coffeehouse or something and smoke some. I have some connects over there I have met over the year, so if you are into L or mushies, we will def. have a good time -- I always get a sheet when I go there lol.
  9. Man, I go to Amsterdam a few times a year and I'm mad to find some Cid, how'd you get hooked up over there? Shrooms too, I'm not a fan of the truffles they sell now...

    And when it comes to cash you'll need a lot, I was there for 5 days last week and I spent a little over €800...unless you have great will power and don't give in to the constant munchies you'll need lots of mula!!
  10. dont buy the judges passes u dont get any free weed at all except like a dub from one shop entering a strain. my dad went and said the pass didnt do shit for him and if anyone else asked for it they would have getten a dub for free too regardless of judges pass or not, its a scam
  11. with the dollar being weak....youll need more benjis. grams are 10 - 20 euros. make sure when you go to different coffeeshops to buy erbz by grams only and make sure you see the budtender weight it out in front of you.

    hookers were charging 200 euros....wasnt worth it imo.

    won 1000 euros at the casino which help pay for my i still spent 1g for 6 nights and 7 days with 3 other friends.

    i wasnt impressed....i could do the same thing here in NYC except pffin in public, the food was disappointing....

    been there done
  12. Im gonna be there with one of my buddies.... we should all meet up and smoke, get a grasscity sesh going on.
  13. Damn, I wish I could go this year, perhaps next year.
  14. Going back I see :p

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  16. Yessir, I cant get enough of that city. Going to be there from the 19th through the 28th. And hopefully my camera will be better this time.
  17. I've never envied someone more than you right now.
  18. I wouldn't go during the Cannabis Cup... If I just want to party with stupid Americans, I'll save myself $2000 and stay home.

    The week after the Cannabis Cup is a great time to visit though. Cheaper airfare and hotel rooms, and the city is dead quiet.

    The exchange rate is favorable right now, but I would bring at least $2000 for a week. More if you're going during the Cup when everything will be more expensive.

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