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Discussion in 'General' started by Shogun2002, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. I have decided to write about my truffle experience and let others know what it was like.

    I went to my mates house,ingested 8g grams of truffles, then we sat around and smoked some spliffs and have a few drinks, after about half an hour the truffles started to kick in, at first it was just like being really stoned but i was feeling the spliffs and drinks so i was quite happy

    After about an 1 hour-1.45 i started to see different patterns on the wall, feeling a total body high and laughing alot by this point i was drunkish as well and quite stoned so it was quite enjoyable. After about 2.5 hours if i stared at anything i would find myself in complete amazment at anything, music was a totally different thing to me, even though on cannabis music is brilliant but on truffles it was truly a different experience.
    My pupils were the size of saucers by this point and i was dancing my feet off to the music,sheer brilliance.
    By about 3/4 hours after eating them i was still feeling them lovely and whenever i sat down and closed my eyes it was an immense feeling, just a complete body high, the rest of the evening i just sat around smoking and listening to music while one of my other mates was passed out on the floor drunk as hell.

    Overall, a good time and i hope this was of any help to anyone who is thinking of trying truffles.
    But as time went by it got funnier to walk, whenever i was walking around it was different...i can't describe it.

    btw truffles are a type of mushroom for anyone that didn't know.
  2. Nice Story!

  3. hookups are not allowed on the forum guys.......Peace out.....Sid
  4. what are truffles? If they make you trip, i wanna try em'
  5. Shogun u wanna PM with whatever you said! plz!

    and UI you can get them off some internet sites....just not this one

    {they may not be legal in the US but they are over here}
  6. {they may not be legal in the US but they are over here}

    and i'm loving it :)

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