Trip report : Liberty caps (Psilocybe semilanceata)

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  1. This most recent Friday, my buddy and I headed to a local grower, and picked up some pretty decent kush, as well as got to see some budding Northern Lights plants in his closet. While there, I noticed some Cyanescens on the table in a jar, so naturally I asked if he could get more, and he said all he could get was Liberty caps. He called his guy, and my buddy and I both bought an eight for $20. Which is a quarter-ounce of shrooms. We headed back to his place, and on the way I asked my buddy, me being the more experienced mushroomhead, questions like, "are you at peace with the world man?" "nothing is bothering you?". I would also like to note this was only my 4th time doing shrooms in the past 3 years.


    I would like to mention, I hadn't eaten a single thing this Friday.

    9:30 PM : Some buddies come over, shortly after we chewed and swallowed half of what we bought, being about 2 grams each at this time. The average dose of Liberty caps is only 1-2grams, so by the end of the night we end up taking 4 grams a piece.

    10:00 : First onset effects, things seems weird, the oh so lovely first signs of the mushrooms kick in, colors seem off.

    10:20 : We decided to eat the other 2 grams. I start questioning if what people are saying really is being said, or if theyre saying something else. I noticed things have like multiple lines that radiated and faded out as the lines grew further from objects.

    10:35 : We go and smoke out in my buddies bathroom, and this is where things really kicked in. My buddy came out of the living room in to the bathroom and told everyone except me (the only other one frying) had to leave, because his living room carpet turned in to lava, and it freaked him out. Everybody understood we were tripping, so they left without question.

    11:00 : Time is going death defyingly slow. Me and my buddy are cracking up at the stupdist things.

    11:10 : We decide to put on Pink Floyd the wall. We then proceeded to trip balls.

    11:30 : My buddy comes out of his room and I'm walking around the living-room hunched over like a raptor dinosaur, going "AAARRRGGHHHHH ARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!" Speech is often garbled up bullshit that makes no sense.

    11:45 : We just chill on the couch, felt very much like Ecstasy at this point, we could not control ourselves from laughing uncontrollably loud at the closed eye visuals we were seeing. We were laughing like little girls, to say the least.

    12:00 AM : I'm still totally enjoying my trip, but my buddy is starting to have a bad trip because his moms ex-husband died that day, by trying to break in to their house with a knife climbing up a very tall ladder, falling smashing his skull on the cement. And my buddiesmind got stuck on it. So he wanted to go to our bedrooms and lay down. I mention that it's highly unlikely we will catch any sleep for several hours (I live with my buddy part-time)

    12:30 : I feel like my body was melting into itself, and then through the bed, but floating at the same time( if that makes any sense ). The trip is extremely intense. We have been talking to each other laughing and what not for the last half hour, the trip is so intense in the dark. I felt like I was going to snap mentally, but I just kept telling myself everything was OKAY. At this point the whole room was wavy and slightly kaleidoscopic vision, I don't recall much but just laying there trying not to snap under the mental stress, and the intensity on all of my senses. I begin introspective thought deeply. I thought about quitting drugs. I thought about all the people I've shut out over the years, the numerous times I've overdosed on several drugs, the plants I'm growing, just ripping them up. This was definitely the peak of the trip.

    1:00 AM : My buddy gets up, flips the light on and says "This just isn't going to work", followed by me getting up and saying, "I tried to tell you man". We go to sit on the couch, we are only tripping moderately, finally, a manageable trip again. The vibrating feelings would come and go.

    1:45 : Almost all major effects are gone, and we feel it's time to eat and go to bed.

    2:00 AM : Sound asleep.


    11:00 : We wake up feeling a little different, but most definitely refreshed. I felt like a million bucks to say the least.

  2. sounds like a mushroom trip to me, as destinct as the aroma of cannabis.

  3. Sounds like an awesome trip bro!

    4 grams of liberty caps is a lot. Glad to see you fared allright.
  4. Yes, we realized this later. Hahahaha. I had always had cubensis or cyanescens, never had experience with liberty caps.

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