Trip report : 1g of shrooms and 1 tab of cid

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  1. Alright so this is my story that happened a few weeks back:

    My buddy and I were trying to get some shrooms to do, but we didnt find any. So i remembered i had 2grams in the fridge and i had 4 hits of cid. We split the shrooms and each took on hit of cid.

    It started with a mild body buzz. We walked to this pond thats not far and by the time i got there i was tripping hard, all the trees looked very vibrant and everything in the pond, and the pond itself looked very pretty.

    We sat there for a bit but then i realized that since i was wearing the hat from fear and loathing and some aviators it was obvious i was fucked up and wanted to get away from people. So my friend says that he knows of this river to go to so we start to head there.

    While leaving the pond i was going up some steps and i thought i was climbing a mountain, and when i got to the top of this "mountain" theres a parking lot on the right and this car comes screeching in right next to me as i come to the top. I almost shat myself. So we are walking and we see these people playing volleyball and they seem to have almost their own "aura of existence" if you will. My friend wants to play and keeps yelling "LET ME HIT THAT", "OVER HERE!!!". I told him to stop as it is obvious we are fucked up.

    We have to walk through the middle of campus to get o the river, and on the way i notice that whenever we are in the shade we dont talk and whenever we are in the light we talk non stop. The buildings seem weird, i feel like im in a place that ive never been in before. I start to think im in some city in the east coast for some reason. While going there we are talking about how much we are tripping and what its like. For some reason he had every effect i had but about a half hour behind me.

    After getting through the main part of campus we were walking next to this road, and for some reason i had an extreme inclination to get hit by a car, I felt like I would just float on forever. I didn't get hit or try to get it. At one point in time i saw a face in the road, was a clown face with a huge tongue sticking out.

    So we finally reach the river and are sitting there. My friend starts to feel like he is thumper from bambi, and he says he wants to just roll off of the bench we are on and right into the river and float forever. I wanted to also but we are still around people and i know we would get arrested if we did that.

    We sat there for what seemed like an eternity, but it was around 45 minutes. The water is absolutely beautiful and the waves the rocks underwater make it look like the back of a liazard, i kept on calling it a dragon. So after a while we both decide to go back and get changed as it is getting cold out and we both have shorts on.

    On the way back he has the extreme inclination to get hit by a car, I have to physically hold him back from trying to do so. As we continue our journey every time i see a group of people playing or conversing I see it as them having their own "aura of existence". While we are walking through the grass we hear this beeping noise that just keeps getting louder, and we asked a bystander if they heard it and they said no. It got increasingly louder and then just stopped. Was a little weird.

    Once we got back we changed and went to go get some food, was very weird being around a lot of people and we sat in the top part of qdoba (which had no one in it) for about 2 hours. We had both come down significantly and all we could say was "I dont know". We didnt understand anything and just didnt get anything. When i ordered my burrito it was very hard answering questions for what i wanted on it.

    By the time we got back we had both come down and watched The Girl Next Door and then Fight Club, and both went to bed around 3am. Overall it was an awesome experience that makes me looking forward to candyflipping this friday even more. Sorry if this was long and boring, and if you have made it this far, thanks for reading!!

  2. awesome story.

    i hope you didnt fuck your tolerance for acid so you wont trip when you flip.
  3. thanks!and with reguards to the tolerance, ill be fine, that was a ways back and was only one tab, and all the cid was together in one of those small bags, so in addition to each taking a tab, we are splitting the bag and each licking half. should be fun!
  4. haha nice story man that sounds rly fun. but what was up with u 2 wanting to get hit by cars lol.
  5. i dont know, we were walking next to a road and i just felt like it was something i needed to to do....was weird

  6. remeber it takes 7 days between doses to trip again.

    i opted not to trip anymore after i tripped alone last time and my head spun and i questioned my existance in this world. pot doesnt do that to me just makes me happy.

    oh cept last night i was smoking and i was soooo fucking lit up i was having a slight trip off the pot. it happens to me. course it wasnt that great cuz after 2 bowls i jsut wanted to sleep.
  7. Geez, I didn't think anyone ever used the 'shat' word anymore! Excellent usage! I just love literacy! :D :cool:

    Look for a new thread called 'key phrases' for my comment on this.
  8. lol is that a "key phrase"?? and it has been far more than 7 days since i did this!

  9. Sounds like you had a great time. Im really looking forward to gettin trips for my b-day next week. Me and UCF were thinking of heading to Disney Quest, but Im starting to think maybe we should go to the springs or something out in nature, any thoughts?
  10. well, personalyl for me i wish we would have been like in the middle of a forest like next to a pond or something that we could have jumped into, the river looked like we could have floated on it and let it carry us for days, which we wanted to do but since it was near town thought that was a bad idea. For me being around people that arent tripping sucked! So find someplace secluded, whether thats one of your houses/rooms or if you find someplace in nature, but i would suggest nature first!


  11. Well, in case I forget (which is known to happen a lot!), Happy Birthday!

    Quite the dilemma... Disney Quest or a Nature setting? I assume Disney Quest is another venture in the Disney World empire? I'd say, if you haven't been there, go there to trip. If you've been to both the springs and DQ, don't go to the one you went to more recently... go to the other one. (For some reason... probably because I'm high... that suggestion was the most difficult concept to put into words and have it be somewhat coherent.). Or better yet, flip a coin! Don't make us choose for you... suppose we choose wrong? I'll feel soooo bad! The birds will be dying and everything! :D :D :D :smoke: :cool:

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