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Trip Out On This!

Discussion in 'General' started by JollyStoner, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. that is beautiful. I wish i could have been there
  2. I love America. It's good to see such an amazing thing is finally becoming legal.
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    Beautiful. Truly beautiful. I wish I could've been a part of a big event like this - everyone together just to celebrate the love for the plant, inhaling and exhaling all at once.

    Rofl if you go through the gallery there's a picture of a guy blowing a big cloud of smoke in the face of a street preacher, condemning them all I'm guessing. Brilliant.

    oh and cops walking through the crowd just kind of frustrated and confused.
    and the picture of the joint being rolled - damn that green is covered in crystals, looks good :)

    I'm on some hydros and feelin pretty good, but Im sad to report 9 more weeks until I can really smoke again :(

    It's sad as hell the pictures end with a gun and the man who possessed it - causing a bunch of shit during some 420 rally, nice going, dick
  4. holy fuck, the first picture with weed shaved into the guys chest. i was talking to him hahaha. he was right beside our group. cool, shit.
  5. I had to scrape the resin off my monitor after viewing that :smoking:
  6. It looks like the beginning of a horror flick..

    ...except the killer is getting stoned

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