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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mainframe, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. Well me and my friends seriously want to smoke some weed. But, the only problem is, we dont have a place to do it. So i suggested we smoke on Halloween, since we'll be out the whole night. But we dont know where to do it, and we already got caught by his dad, but he didnt tell his parents. Please Help!

  2. well, I dunno how it is around you, but well we got some wooded areas around us, not big, but it does the trick and then one year I remember we were walking down not such a busy sside street and smoked a joint whilst the nice late october walk. lol, you can always find somewheres to go though...I dunno it sounds like maybe a first time? I remember mine lol under the bleachers at a football game. but woods are always a good place...just take a walk and look around. but do it so youre not paranoid! dont want that! hehe.
  3. oh btw. smoking on halloween completely rocks. lol at first I thought you were talking about tripping b/c of the subject, that too was interesting, I had to stay in one year and give out candy shroomin my brais out. haha. ah, good times. WOW i cant wait for halloween. is that spelled right? ha why doesnt i look like it is. hmm. um wha?
  4. dont be a pussy.. you can smoke anywhere.. smoke walking down the street dude.. or hit up some alley or park or something

    man im high
  5. seriously...smoking isn't that big of a deal. If you wanted a real good halloween, I would say that you guys should do shrooms...
  6. Dude, i'd be careful about tokin up in the woods on halloween. i work in a boy scout summer camp in the middle of some big forests and some small mountains. i would go out smoking in the woods away from evrryone else. anyways, it got darker and i was totally blown off some mexican creeper, and i decided it was time to go back to my tent to play vidoe games eat some chips. i looked around and for the life of me i coulnd find the patth back it was so dark and my eysight was f*ed up from the pot. so i started to wander around through the woods in what i thought was the right direction walking into branches and through bits of cactusi eventually hit a road nowhere near my camp i followed that back to camp it was so latyer and i got back all dirty and cut up evryone thought i got in a fight with a bear or something. anyway tokin in the woods IS very cool but if it gets dark bright a flashlight or someyhing. or youll end up frantically running aound naked in the woods.

  7. hehehehehe

    i got shrooms for holloween!!!!!
  8. JhonnyChimpo you said that u worked at a boy scout camp what camp do you work at. in what state cuz i know that the camp out here by me is a good place cuz u either hit the water or road so u can always find yourway back in like 25 min tops. well I was just wondering.
  9. man we smoke anywhere and everywhere. schools, behind rec center, empty lots, ditches, deserted parking lots, boat, houses under construction, at work behind a corner.....just to give a few examples....
  10. dude what are you like 12? just walk down the street at night or go to the park or something. And it's not that big of a deal think about how many times you have seen someone smoking and you thought wow they just don't give a damn. Because no one does just stay away from houses you know and smoke it up.

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