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Discussion in 'General' started by notbakedenough, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Ok well tomorrow there is a 99% chance that I will be tripping on some mushrooms:D. So I decided to make a little trip kit, full of necessities, toys, and goodies to have around during the trip. So far I have

    Notebook - To doodle and write notes to my future self into
    Pencil / Pen - To do the writing
    CD's - To rock out and chill to ( I have some Beatles and Pink Floyd)
    Speakers - To play the music over to chill a whole room out, and so I don't feel isolated
    Money - To pay for the shrooms
    Guitar - To jam on of course
    Picks - To play the guitar with

    Now this is where GC comes in, I would love to see some suggestions for what else to add to my wee little kit.

    Fanks a lot :)
    - NBE
  2. 1. Water
    2. Beer
    3. Snacks
  3. ummmmm WEEED. you cant shroom without weed
  4. Well weed will be in good supply
    I don't drink anymore
    And although I can't carry nature around with me, it will be in abundance where I'll be tripping.

    Thanks for the posts so far guys.
  5. I always like soda water while tripping. Not just carbonated water but actual soda water.
  6. *Bumpage*

    My trip is only a couple hours away, I have been fasting since last night as well.
    Any other goodies I should add to the kit before I head off to my buddies place?
  7. It sounds kind of dumb but read some philosophical ideas on the internet (maybe even print them off) and think about them and expand on them. Create your own and what not. I guess this kind of goes along with the notebook idea.
  8. Yeah I get what you mean, whats great about my friends place is that he has this sunroom thats has a glass cieling, so we can watch the stars and not get cold.

    I'm big into philosophy, and maybe I'll read some stuff now.
  9. Fasting since the night before isn't a good idea, eat a light meal now. Shrooms are known to caus an upset stomach, and if there is nothing else with them, you have a better chance of throwing them up.
  10. a kaleidoscope
  11. I wish had a kaleidoscope lol that would rule.

    But yeah I know the deal with fasting, but I like to keep an nearly clean system when I go into a trip, then a couple hours before I eat the mush I have some toast and maybe a fruit to keep my blood sugar up. After that its water for the whole trip unless I really feel like some snacks :)

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