Trip back home, will alcohol be ok to clean grinder?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by xilez, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Topic says it all, ill be making my trip back home from school today and my bowl is clean as new. However i would prefer to clean my grinder(sharpstone) anyway, all the kiefy goodness has been removed and just cheefed it.

    Can i just rubbing alcohol to clean my grinder? im hoping the screen or threads dont rust...
  2. it should be ok, are you wanting to clean it because you don't want to get busted by the cops? if so, i personally wouldn't worry about just tuck it away deep inside your suitcase.
  3. if you celan it with alcohol, you can use the QWISO method and make hash i believe.

    someone correct me?

  4. You should be fine. My roommate does this all the time, all he does and pours some alcohol in a bag and then puts his grinder and cleans it and then puts it in his baggage and takes it home; because technically it's made for tobacco! :cool:
  5. Yeah dude alcohol is fine. Get a gallon ziplock, take apart your gringer and throw it all in the bad with some 91% rubbing alcohol, shake that bitch around and rinse it with some cold water should be good. I do this every so often, when it's cleaner you get so much more kief too lol.

  6. not when it's correct:D

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