Trip Art ;) by Tunnel Pipes

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by TunnelPipes, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Were you on something other than weed when you drew these? Type yes if yes.
  2. I reported both of you for 'OD's'

    be scared
  3. this shit is crazyyyyyyyyyyy
  4. Whoa I just realized there are words in all of them.
    This stuff is like nothing I've seen!

  5. WTF are YOU on...

    all of them?

    thats a rather bold generalization

  6. Haha okay not all of them, I guess it was a bold generalization.
  7. I didn't even notice until she said something.

    There are words hidden in all but two, as far as I can tell.

  8. care to highlight these words and repost ?:D
    i cant find any of the ones that arent obvious:(
  9. nevermind, I SEE THEM :D
  10. I like the "REAL" "2C-B" and "PSYCHO" ones the most, these are so awesome
  11. Has anyone else checked out his music? Holy shit :hippie:
  12. ^ listening to his music now, after seeing this dudes myspace profile i'm thoroughly convinced he does a plethora of drugs daily:hippie:
  13. Overdose on the art, good shit.
  14. this is fucking sick1!!! >___P

    as they say in France, " je trippe aux balls!"
  15. holy shit, you've got one messed up brilliant head.

    I loveee it :hippie:

    You're very talented. :)
  16. Dude I your art is very unique, I like it alot. I went to your myspace and W.T.F. I just listened to "tunnel pipes"....Creepy as shit? How'd you get your voice to sound like that......
  17. Your music is electronic alice in wonderland

    I'm tripping hard.
  18. Why thank you everyone. Plenty more on the way.

    Add me on facebook and become part of my world.

    Tunnel Pipes | Facebook

    -Tunnel Pipes ;)
  19. none of the music will work for me, im sad :(

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