trip 96 hole honeycomb OR diffused double 8 tree w. 64 hole honeycomb

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    Cast your vote. What do you think? What would you get? and why?
    Triple 96 hole honeycomb stemless OR single 64 hole honeycomb stemless with two diffused 8 tree percs.
    trip96 honeycomb.jpg

  2. The one with the 8 arms because honeycombs are over rated
  3. Nooooo

    Double trees will have drag for days

    And a triple honeycomb is just flat out unnecessary

    But go big or go home right? I say double up and get the 4 tree'd 6 honeycomb'd one, all the white kids at your college will be all, "look at all that smoke, doood"

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  4. I'd say the tree perc one because three honeycombs is useless but the tree perc one is useless because it's so big big is NOT better.

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    First off, thanks for the input. I could imagine how a triple honeycomb would be useless, but why would the double tree perc one be bad? I'm thinking from a scientific point of view, so I thought that was a good compromise between drag and perculations. 
    what do you think about this one....
    (96 hole honeycomb and a diffused 8 tree perc stemless)
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    That one is better^ if your looking for function at least.
    The double tree was just too tall and drag would be insane.
    Smaller piece retain flavor better for sure multi perc piece like that are more of a sales scheme if you will.

    But one honeycomb and tree perc is perfect as long as the honeycomb is placed correctly in the tube.
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  7. I used to think triple honeycombs were sucky until I actually bought one. The hits are really super smooth and there's hardly any drag. I have a double tree arm as well(it's a zob)and there is way more drag compared to the triple honeycomb

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  8. i prefer simple single diffusion, but thats me...i would advise against trees and at most, double honeycomb.
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  10. More perc=more drag period.
    That thing looks perfect tbh mavrick makes pretty good glass from what I've seen Id say go for it.

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  11. The tree perc would have more drag but then again, you dont need 3 honeycombs.
    I'd go with the perc dominant.
  12. Go for the double shower head if they have it!!

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