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  1. I read that you're supposed to keep your trimmings if you want to make some hash and or butter . I'm confused does that mean all clippings over the course of flower or only at the end with the triches on there. I think I maybe asking a dumb ? But better buzzed than sorry ;) any help appreciated
  2. You can use bud trim, fan leaves, even stems to make cannabutter. Just grind all that shit up in a blender and use your favorite cannabutter recipe.

  3. You shouldn't be "clipping" during flower. I understand removing the dead leaves, or in some cases fan leaves that are blocking light, but you should not be trimming any sugar leaves during flower. Its the sugar leaves that you trim when you harvest that you save for butter and hash. But never save fan leaves in your trimmings. Only the sugar leaves.
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  4. I thought ur supposed to trim the lower branches to promote energy up top damn if not I've butchered 2 girls last night
  5. Was it ok to cut off lower branches n clones.1st week of flower or did I just mess up cuz its done
  6. It's best to take clones from the lower to middle portion of a plant that is in veg and has never been in bloom. I have taken clones from flowering plants under certain circumstances, but they tend not to perform as well. Taking the lower branches off does promote energy focus to the tops and eliminates those crappy airy bottom buds that don't amount to anything but you can't go cutting the hell out of the plant because injury stresses the plant and can slow growth. Trim bottom foliage (bottom 1/4 or 1/3 depending on strain) only once, usually after two weeks of flowering. Do it all at once and them only remove dead or near dead leaves. Removing large fan leaves that shade lower buds towards the end of flowering can be good but remember these are the factories that turn light, CO2 and nutes into sugars. Removal of to many can cripple your plants cellular production. I'd suggest you hold off on that for a while. Nobody becomes an expert overnight. With experience you'll get to know how far to push it.
  7. Yeah I'm all done cloning got it done the last day of the first week n I trimmed lower crap off they look like they ok

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