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  1. Any info on trimmeing anyone? I think tonight I am going to experiment a bit and cut all the leaves off my plant. they are taking in way to much of the energy and my shoots look good, i think if i do this and leave just the top leaves to take the sun and energy to the plant it should start thickening up a bit in the stock. any info or whats up with that? the plant about 6 weeks old 19 inches.
  2. I wouldn't. Unless they are sick, in the way of a budsite as you are flowering, or otherwise a problem, I would advise leaving them on. They are conducting photosynthesis which is the energy fueling the plant's growth. If you cut them off the plant will have less energy-capturing capability and will have to put the lesser energy it has into healing the wounds you made instead of into growing.
  3. This is my second go, and after the first experience I was determined to stay on top of my trimming, because last time I pretty much left them B and I really regretted it. I had way too many big fan leaves blocking out light, getting really big an bushy especially as I'm in a confined space. And finally I had so much tiny little scraggly, useless buds, leaves and shoots coming out of the bottom. Thus robbing energy and light from the stuff I really wanted.
    Add to that a couple of weeks of the hottest ever temperatures ever bloody seen in England, I got hit hard by heat stress. But having said all that, I was pretty happy with my first attempt. The grass went down well and the smell, colour and strength were all at least "average".
    This time I am looking for above average, but when it came to it I was not brave enough to really go at my poor little girls, whom I nurture and tend to with what can only be described as loving devotion. So I compromised, I've got 8 plants all in flower so decided to heavily trim 2, but only lightly trimmed the other 4, basically just removing the odd big yellow fan leaves to let in more light. The final 2 I have just left to do what they are doing. My thinking is that, as long as I make a note of which plants are which, in the end I can judge what works best. Though up to now, 3/4 weeks into flower, I am struggling to tell the difference, they all seem to be going great guns. I'm really happy with them, they're certainly much better in every way than my last ones. An that's exactly what I'm hoping for, to learn and improve with every go around.
    I still need and want as much help and advice as possible though and after reading about other people's comments on trimming, I'm now petrified that I've fucked up by trimming a couple of girls way too much.

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