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  1. So the plant is flowering, and yes it's pretty scraggly due, I believe, to outside placement where it really stretched for the sun. You can see some spots from too much these weeks ago, leaves at top are fine.

    But the idea of getting everything off the plant that will not add much to the pipe and give more to the flowers I'm keeping, makes sense, so I started at the bottom and was pruning the really small stuff and some flowers along with it.

    But really, how far up the branches should I go? How much would you take off?

    Thank you

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  2. There are varying opinions on "to prune, or not to prune". What made sense to me is that those fan leaves are kind of like the "power source" for the plant if you will. If I'm not mistaken, by taking off those fan leaves you're reducing the amount of energy taken in by the plant from the light. In theory this would mean that there would then be less available energy for bud production/growth. However, it's not to say that you can't prune, or that by doing it you'll destroy the plant necessarily; this was just what made sense to me, therefore I don't touch a thing. I know that may not be much help, but I find that experimentation and experience are the most effective ways to learn in growing.

    With that being said, do what makes sense to you, but I would definitely not go more than a third of the way up the plant with the pruning just to be on the safe side. Good luck with the rest of the grow, and hopefully some more experienced growers can chime in their thoughts.

    Peace :smoke:

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